“probably working” – go to the devil! A year ago, these words sent Matt Hunter disgust shiver down the spine. “Charity was a dirty word,” says the founder of the company from Ontario, Canada: “I imagined soulless institutions, indiscriminately of money and at best suspect, what is the Use of pins. The anti-thesis to my Start-up world.” Then the Exit came. And a life-threatening disease.

in 2017, sold Hunter Internet marketing company Turnstyle Analytics for 20 million dollars of the Yelp recommendation portal, went traveling and became ill on Guillain-Barré syndrome, a potentially fatal inflammation of the nervous system. “I thought it would be a shame to die now, where I have to give the world so much – not only idealistic, but also in dollars,” says the 31-Year-old. When he was finally healthy again, he decided to help people who are less privileged than himself.

Hunter is a typical representative of the new type of donors: One that comes from very young to very a lot of money, because he begins to icker for his company and rackert and then suddenly realizes: This can’t be everything; there’s so much Amiss, what is it that I can’t turn a blind eye. And then decided that something of his prosperity.

you read their stories, similar to the events from which these new patrons rethink: Sometimes it is, as in the case of Matt, an illness or an accident, for others a long journey awakens the consciousness, others again plunge experiences after the sale of your company, in a sense, vacuum everything, the self-height wing to the bottom of the facts. And the example of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

The two multi-billionaires called for in June 2010, The Giving Pledge, a philanthropic campaign that encourages hard for rich people to share a part of their wealth with the less Privileged and to vow to do this at a future date. “Pledge” means promise, pledge of good intent does not need to be redeemed immediately. Within a short time 40 billionaires pledged to donate at least half of their wealth for charitable purposes, by the end of 2010 17, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg followed.

How is the money best to get rid of?

Matt Hunter, although not a billionaire, wanted to like. But he initially had no idea how he was supposed to be money in the best way to get rid of. “Doing good is incredibly complicated,” he says. “First of all, if you God’s sake turn a Start-up guy, has been for years conditioned to have no money to waste. To donate just like that – it felt as if I’d give up my entrepreneurial spirit.”

he had Accidentally heard in a Podcast from the Founders ‘ Pledge, a UK-based program, in which entrepreneurs and investors commit to donating at least two percent of their revenue to a charitable cause, as soon as you sell your business. The Clou: The organization will submit tailor-made proposals, where the money could flow, so that it creates maximum Benefit. Among the more than 1,400 members, among other things, Niklas Adalberth, founder of the payment service Klarna, and Chris Morton, chief of the Online fashion platform Lyst.

“according to studies, 75 can bring up to 90 percent of all charitable programs, with little or even negative effects,” says Matt Hunter. “Founders Plegde gives me the opportunity to donate with the same strategic focus, than I would invest in a Business.” The Pledge Team takes the Numbers of auxiliaries, foundations, and other organizations strictly under the magnifying glass: the administrative impact per dollar cost to the “humanitarian”. So is not calculated, for example, in the case of a deworming project, only the direct health Benefits of the of the parasites liberated children, but also the positive knock-on effect for the Treated.

charity by the entrepreneur glasses

it may seem strange to rate the institutions that distribute the money, with similar Standards as companies that make money. Not so, entrepreneurs such as Hunter. He was informed by the research team of Founders Pledge a selection of interesting projects to present. A bit of you can imagine this process as a cheese tasting: Only be explored in a conversation preferences and taste inclinations, knowledgeable mouth and bites the face just enough. It is tasted and compared what you like best in-person – only that, instead of fat content and Ripening time hard Performance data to be accessed.

Matt Hunter had two concerns: He wanted to support an innovative Form of poverty and, because of its own history, a health initiative. Founders Pledge proposed to him for the Organisation, Development Media International (DMI), the parents in poor countries via TV and Internet on children’s diseases and health care informed. Hunter talks about DMI as a Business Case: “you have an outstanding six year Track Record. “The organization put a lot of emphasis on transparency and let your work of external evaluators to examine. “I immediately had absolute confidence that you can have a real Impact.”

he Also invested in Give Directly, a program that low-income households in East Africa, a one-time average annual salary transfers – most of the single mothers are. Additional conditions: none. “Sounds like a crazy idea,” says Hunter. The Figures showed clearly that the overwhelming majority have invested the recipient of their money wisely, in small companies, for example, or in training. The cooperation with the Founders Pledge impressed with Hunter so much that he took the CEO Post for the US branch.

Berlin Pledge Initiative

A Berlin Pledge Initiative, the two percent that will be taken during the Founders program from their own money blessing does not go far enough. The Entrepreneur’s Pledge, established three years ago, is an Initiative of Waldemar Zeiler and Philip Siefer, sell your own Start-up unicorn fair trade condoms. Who writes at their Initiative, not committed to a one-time donation, but his entrepreneur skills in the service of a good cause: “Our Pledger promises to establish at least a Business that has a positive effect on the environment or society,” says Waldemar Zeiler. As soon as the company is profitable, is to serve half of the profit to make the value chain of the original business fair and sustainable. “Unfuck the economy,” says Zeiler this approach.

Not that misunderstanding: “We are an Association of rock-hard capitalists”, the 36-Year-old. But Can put your business in the service of a good cause. “A lot of entrepreneurs think they only need to be rich before you can afford to be good. We want to prove that this also works at the same time.”

106 signatures Zeiler and Siefer have already collected: Cereal-Entrepreneur Hubertus Bessau (UK), as well as Lea-Sophie Cramer from the Online sex shop Amorelie, Coffee-Circle-founder Martin Elwert, or Heiko Hubertz from the computer games developer Bigpoint. Legally binding signature is not the case, says Zeiler, but morally obligatory: “Who signs, and has to answer to his grandchildren, the will find when Googling grandma or grandpa on our side, and then wonder why nothing came of it.”

From the large model of The Giving Pledge Zeiler is aware of: “We make no distinction between philanthropic and profit-oriented Investments.” Who do with his Profit Good, will be rewarded by the market. “Plenty of customers have a functioning Bullshit Filter, and reward companies that offer a sustainable product. The experience, he has made himself. “I have established seven Start-ups, which are all failed,” says Zeiler. “It was only to coal, to Exit. It was no matter what you’re doing.” The fair condom business, however, prima.

Because the site is a complete thriving social entrepreneurship is so good, he wants to make in the next spring, the next product fair: Then he and Siefer, under the name “period” in a socially and ecologically sustainable feminine hygiene-articles on the market. The Exit is not the goal. The site is a complete motto is now: “If you are honest and authentic, it has only advantages.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.