Donations to the AfD – public Prosecutor’s office determined against Alice ryegrass To donations from Switzerland, the AfD group chief is suspected to have against the party law. The money you have for the election campaign. © Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka of contents page 1 — office of the public Prosecutor wants to against Alice ryegrass page 2 — Likes for up to 10,000 euros in a month to determine On a page

read Because of questionable donations from Switzerland, the Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz is seeking an investigation against the AfD group’s boss, Alice rye and other AfD members. It is the beginning of a suspicion of a violation of the party law, the authority said. The President of the Bundestag and ryegrass had been informed. Besides, Writing had been the necessary lifting of their parliamentary immunity to the Bundestag sent. For the lifting of parliamentary immunity for a period of 48 hours is running now. This ends on Friday.

The questionable donations in the total amount of more than 130,000 euros, according to media reports, the Swiss pharmaceutical company PWS pharmaceutical wholesale International AG. The company should have the money but not themselves, but “in a fiduciary capacity for a business friend,” transferred – with the purpose of “campaign contribution Alice rye”. Whose identity is not known.

According to the Treasurer of the AfD-kreisverband, Brigitte Hinger, paid by the party to Doubt the legality of the donations in the spring of this year – after the election – 130,000 euros. At the time of referral, have Hinger overlooked but “apparently it’s a donation”. That around 8,000 euros were not sent back, you only noticed at the beginning of the week due to the media coverage of the matter.

Alice ryegrass left

The AfD group chief rejects responsibility for the operation. “The state attorney’s investigation looks forward to Mrs. rye left. The results of the investigations will relieve you,” said their spokesman. Your district Association is here to support you rye meet at least the responsibility of said Board member Hans-Hausberger. It was rather a Problem of the Country Treasurer Frank Kral, who had not helped the district Association in the handling of the donation. The Federal Executive intends to consult on Friday on the matter.

party donations from Non-EU countries are generally illegal, unless the donor or the donor has the German citizenship. According to the party law of a party, threatening, unlawful donations and not to the President of the Bundestag has passed, a penalty payment in the amount of three times the amount.

The group boss should have paid the money, among other things, lawyer bills, and your Internet campaign. Group spokesman Christian Lüth, confirmed the relevant information of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Accordingly, a Cologne-based media lawyer, was in the order of ryegrass against journalists and introduced his bills to the Federal office of the AfD. According to the süddeutsche Zeitung, it was a five-digit sum.

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