As of Mar. 28 09:55 A.M., Dongwon F&B declined 2.13 percent, compared with yesterday, to 252,500 won. It had declined 6.65 percent through the past month. Standard deviation, the variableness index, was 2.1 percent on the same period over one month.

Compared with its close competitors with the same industry, KOSPI, as the monthly volatility of Dongwon F&G was relatively expand, the stock price stayed at a low level with decline. 

Comparing industry to the market, the KOSPI industry including Dongwon F&B records lower volatility and earning rate than Foods & Beverages. In other words, the industry was safer and the rate of decrease is smaller than that of the market. 

About Dongwon F&B

Market capitalization of Dongwon F&B is around 974.5 billion won ($900 million). It is the 185th biggest firm in the country’s main bourse. Foreigners hold some 5.8 percent of the firm’s shares.

Dongwon F&B is a Korean food supplier. It has 16 brands for a variety of food products. Currently, CEO Kim Jae-ok leads the Seoul-based company.

Founded in late 2000, the firm is a spin-off of Dongwon Industries’ food division.

In its website the outfit says, “Based on a corporate philosophy of ‘healthy food is the best medicine,’ Dongwon F&B is growing to become the first and best food culture company making our food healthier.”

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