Despite the financial assistance from the Federal government and the länder, the German farmers complain after the drought summer of 2018 a billion damage. “Even if we deduct the prospect of drought assistance in the amount of 340 million Euro, of approximately EUR 2.5 billion in damages,” said Bauer, President of the Association, Joachim Rukwied to the “New Osnabrücker Zeitung”.

the Affected companies were impacted over the next few years. “This summer, according to acts,” said Rukwied. More than 8000 companies have made an application for drought assistance. “The great Distress.”

in addition to financial Need, many farmers suffered, but also under the social debate. “You don’t want to constantly be a scapegoat,” said Rukwied prior to the commencement of the Agricultural and food exhibition “Green week” in Berlin. “Farmers feed the population and at the same time, in areas such as environmental protection and animal welfare, active and innovative.” These services would not be but recognized.

With a view to the Federal Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU) planned animal welfare label for meat in the supermarket Rukwied also relies on a greater awareness of the consumer. “Animal welfare is in the end higher costs in the stable,” said Rukwied to the news Agency dpa. This must also be in a higher price to reflect “We hope that the state animal is the label a further impetus for the willingness of the consumers for higher Standards even more.” It is important not to compromise with the food trade Initiative, launched in animal welfare.

The builders Association of advertising also in the long term continue to be for a mandatory entertainment and country of origin labelling. “That would be true transparency,” said Rukwied.


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