humanity Is on the brink of destruction? US researchers fear. Since 1947, you can rate each year in the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists,” the risks for humanity with a symbolic doomsday clock – the so-called Doomsday Clock. In this year, they have not presented the watch, however the world remain in a threatening Situation since the Cold war, not more.

So the clock is still at two minutes before midnight – the symbolic Apocalypse. In the past year the watch was presented to 30 seconds, mainly because of the impending conflict between the United States and North Korea.

“Russian Roulette with humanity”

According to the researchers, the mankind lives in a time they call “the new abnormal”. Global threats from nuclear weapons, climate change and social polarisation are, in the meantime everyday life. “The world we inhabit, is uncertain and unsettling. We are going to normalize a dangerous world”, warn researchers. “We are playing Russian Roulette with humanity.”

At first, the situation from the point of view of the researchers, was Commission in 1991 – shortly after the fall of the Berlin wall. At the time, she was at 17 minutes before twelve. Since then, the pointer is moved closer almost every year closer to the Twelve, as this graphic shows.

particularly problematic for the scientists to rate the rising global emissions of greenhouse gases. “Some countries, including the United States and European States have recently seen a rise in emission values that had for years gone back. Our failure is an act of gross negligence,” said Commission member Susan Solomon. The clock was initially stopped, and therefore is not a good news.

The researchers, the current Situation compare with the security situation in 1953, when Russia detonated the first thermonuclear weapon. Today, the risk for a nuclear strike by Russia is low, other risks have increased significantly as a result of climate change. Instead of these global challenges, showing an increasing social polarisation, fired from Fake News.


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