Two motorists were in Dortmund in freezing temperatures with icy discs on-the-go. Because they drove with excessive speed through a 30 Zone, they were flashed. “In the evaluation of the resulting photographs, the officials of the police had to RUB the eyes,” wrote the Agency in its press release.

The two cars are in the 21st century. January “virtually flying blind”. The driver would not have it “necessary to liberate the entire windshield of ice,” was the reply from the police.

shooting by the police of the Transporter

a 36-year-old Opel driver and a 45-Year-old was with a van on the road, according to police, a fine of 80 euros because of the passing of a non-conforming vehicle, as well as an administration fee of 28,50 Euro and one point in Flensburg. For the speed limit by seven or six miles per hour, you would only have to pay 15 Euro.


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