The Dortmund mayor Ullrich Sierau, has criticized the last “scene”-output “anger” as cliché and as “bullying” to the city and the residents. In a letter to WDR Director Tom Buhrow, the SPD politician wrote a murder mystery script has to have “a minimum level of relation to reality”. But: “It is a clumsy representation, without any regional knowledge”.

Around 9.2 million viewers last Sunday, the latest case in the series, in the dying mining industry was determined. In front of gray industrial Scenes of Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann) and Martina Bönisch (Anna Schudt) investigated the murder of a former miner. A hunky-crime, high-beer – and-tilt, density, and dreary atmosphere in which to pit closures, former mate due to a lack of Job prospects frustration push.

wrath was Written by Jürgen Werner, the Creator of the Dortmund “Tatort”. Mayor Sierau, complains now, about the locations of the action, Dortmund, Marl, and the entire Region a true and fair view had been given. The structural change will be hidden. “The creators of this episode to give the people of a Region may be ridiculed by this beer drinker in training suits in front of dilapidated houses stand around.” The WDR disqualifying “yourself as a manufacturing station”. The Film was also in Duisburg.


The WDR replied: “the scene of the crime” if it were fiction. “For dramaturgical reasons, it is also compressed, and acuminate.” Thus, individual scenes could be perceived as clichés, other than realistic representations.

One should not underestimate the audience, advises cultural studies, Julika Griem from food: “The audience is aware that the “scene of the crime” tells a fictional story, even if realistic Scenes of a city are used to put on recognition of the effects of the audience.” Clear message from the scientist: “The manufacturer of a crime series and not in the city-Marketing obligation to, and is not responsible for a city in a rosy light.” Even if some local politicians had apparently this hope.

cpa/Yuriko Wahl-Immel, dpa

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