The Web page of Childly's Dove Wallet/Courtesy of Childly

Childly’s innovative service gains traction

Childly recently announced that its crypto wallet service, called Dove Wallet, is attracting global users based on its unique benefit of offering daily bonuses.

The Seoul-based start-up noted that it had offered around $50,000 to its users in the daily bonus over the past half a year, and the amount is expected to snowball down the road.

Childly launched Dove Wallet this April to enable people to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether.

What differentiates the service with conventional ones is the daily bonus _ In line with the user’s total balance and trading volume, Dove Wallet gives back some of the trading fees.

In consideration of Dove Wallet’s short service period and its transaction size, the amount of the daily bonus is quite big,” a Childly official said. “Some heavy users have already got substantial amounts of bonuses.”

As bonus distribution history is easily available, people can check whether bonuses are offered correctly in tandem with their wallet balance.”

The official said that an increasing number of clients knock on the door of Dove Wallet thanks to its daily bonus, the risk-free income that has nothing to do with the market fluctuation.

Childly CEO Kim Eun-tae said that Dove Wallet is a customer-friendly service with innovative features.

When market volume goes up, the daily bonus rises too. We strive to offer great experiences to our users, who will be able to enjoy the bonus by just depositing their coins in their balance,” Kim said.

Since its debut in this April, Dove Wallet has drawn global users from such countries as Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Egypt, and Thailand.

As a result, the proportion of offshore clients is more than 90 percent of its user base, according to Childly that was founded in 2013 to provide a mining-pool service.