France has once again been a major terrorist attack rocked. An armed assailant has shot and killed near the Christmas market in the Alsatian town of Strasbourg on Tuesday evening, at least three people and a dozen people were injured, six of them very hard. The police went from a terrorist Background. The culprit was early on the Wednesday morning, still on the run.

France’s government after the attack the highest national Security alert level to exclaim. The mean reinforced controls at the borders of the country, explained Minister of the interior, Christophe Castaner. Also Christmas markets would be more controlled.

The Suspect was, according to interior Minister Christophe Castaner police. According to multiple sources, it is a 29-Year-old, whose apartment had been on Tuesday in connection with a robbery by addiction.

interior Minister Christophe Castaner

The Strasbourg police said Prefecture, the offender was classified by the domestic intelligence service as a security risk. On him a so-called “Fiche S had been led”. In this category, approximately 26,000 persons are led, 10,000 of which are considered to be strongly radicalized, through Salafist mosques.

The man should be arrested, according to a media report on Tuesday morning. As the station France Info reported, citing police sources, he was not at home. Accordingly, accused him of attempted murder.

Strasbourg, was cordoned off on Tuesday evening to the other side. Also the European Parliament has been sealed off, as is the Christmas market.

motive unclear

France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, called in Paris for an emergency meeting. He consulted on early Wednesday morning with the Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, and defense Minister Florence Parly. “The solidarity of the entire Nation for Strasbourg, our victims and their families,” wrote the Macron on Twitter.

Emmanuel Macron in Paris, the interior Ministry, shortly before midnight

After two hours, the police according to insiders the attacker. In the case of the use of the security forces, shots were heard. Before his escape, the man of the patrolling soldiers had been injured, reports the AFP news Agency, citing the police.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker condemned the fact. “Strasbourg is an excellent Symbol of peace and European democracy. Values we will always defend.”

The motive of the act, according to the investigators, is currently unclear. A U.S. Observatory, said that on the Internet, supporters of the extremist militia “Islamic state celebrated” the attack.

eye witnesses described the situation at the Christmas market in the channel BFM TV: “There were shots, and then burned people everywhere,” said a shop owner. “It took about ten minutes.”

France has been covered in the past by a wave of Islamist terror. There is a highly elevated state of alert since a long time. Since the beginning of 2015, around 240 people died in the attacks.

The German-French border the police are controlled on Tuesday evening, cars that went from Germany to France. “We are strengthening the controls at the German-French border in this area,” informed the state police of Baden-Württemberg on Twitter. Later, she tweeted that the traffic of a cross-border tram had been set. “If possible, please avoid currently crossing the border in the area of Kehl,” it said. Kehl, opposite Strasbourg, on the German side of the Rhine.


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