Reduced sales targets for the iPhone manufacturer, Apple, as well as disturbing sentiment data from the US industry sent on Thursday, the US stock markets steep descent. The statements made by the technology giant had initially strengthened the already existing Worries of investors, the General economic situation, it said. Then, as the purchasing managers ‘ index was released in the ISM for the Manufacturing sector, it went a little more still down.

in Addition, the Rule for President Donald Trump is becoming increasingly difficult, because in the new house of representatives, the Democrats in the midst of a more acute part of the government have come to a standstill in the meantime, the majority.

The Dow Jones Industrial gave way on the second trading day of the new year by 2.8 percent on 22.686,22 points. So he finished close to his short previous day low and continued back to his weak financial statements for 2018. In the past year, the Dow had lost a little more than five and a half percent, which means his worst year balance sheet since the financial crisis of 2008.

Apple shares ten percent of pay

The other US stock indices fell on Thursday also in force: The market breadth the S&P 500 fell to 2.48 percent on 2447,89 counter, and the technology-heavy Nasdaq 100 lost 3.36 per cent on 6147,13 points. The US bond market, government bonds rose at the same time strong.

Although the growth scenario for the U.S. industry continues to be intact, however, the ISM Index in December, surprisingly as clear as for 10 years, not more. He had fallen from 59.3 points in the previous month to 54.1 points, such as the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) announced in Washington. Thus, the lowest level since November of 2016 has been reached. Bank economists had expected on average, with a decline to 57.5 meter. These data have the concerns about the economy strengthened further, said a broker. “America’s corporations getting cold feet about the Economic Outlook.”

Under the US-individual values stood out in the Dow, the papers of Apple, which lost the tail end of the 10 percent and the lowest level since mid-2017 sagged. Due to a weak China sales of its iPhones, the past Christmas business was so bad that Apple announced on Wednesday evening after the close of trading, the sales targets for the past three months can not hold. Apple had assessed the economic development in China and its consequences is incorrect. Apple was reported to be several billion dollars behind his self-imposed sales target – for the first time in about twelve years.


Including the share certificates of the consumer electronics retailer Best Buy (minus 2 percent), according to the Swiss Bank UBS of up to 20 percent of its sales with Apple products suffered. The papers provided by the sensor manufacturer Lumentum, which is considered to be a supplier to Apple, lost more than 8 percent. The shares of the graphics card specialists Nvidia declined to 6 percent.

shares of Airlines gifts

Capped revenue expectations of the airline company Delta Airlines pulled their share to 9 per cent down to the lowest level since September 2017. The average revenue is expected to rise in the fourth quarter of 2018 in the year of comparison, only 3 percent instead of the previously predicted 3.5 percent. Securities of other airlines have been ripped of with down. The shares of United Continental fell by 5 percent, and American Airlines to more than 7 percent.

on the other hand a takeover offer from Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), the shares of Celgene were up by almost 21 percent to 80,43 dollars to shoot up. The pharmaceutical giant wants to take over the biopharmaceutical specialists for about 74 billion dollars and provides the Celgene shareholders for each share of BMS-paper and 50 dollars. Based on the BMS closing price of Wednesday, the total 102,34 dollars, which would be a premium of 54 percent on the corresponding Celgene’s closing price equally. The BMS-papers lost then 14 percent.

Teva gained 4 percent after the Israeli pharmaceutical company had settled a dispute with the Biotech company, Amgen (-1.5 percent) due to a generic beige. Teva wants to sell the corresponding copycat product of the Amgen drug, Cinacalcet, only until mid-2021 and is involved Amgen to the Proceeds. Amgen-title, fell 1.5 percent.

The rate of the Euro fluctuated around the mark of 1.14 against the Dollar and close on the Wall Street was the stock market in 1,1389 dollars. The US bond market direction jumped higher at the end of ten-year government bonds to 20/32 points to 104 31/32 points and brought a return of 2,550 percent.


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