Months negotiating team of the European Union and the United Kingdom to a Treaty text the EU had outlet wrestled, the 585 pages of a long document (pdf) is a approved accessible to the public and by the British Cabinet. According to the EU negotiator, Michel Barnier, the goal had been reached, to prevent a “hard limit” controls between the British province of Northern Ireland and Ireland. This question should be clarified in the planned transition phase after the Brexit until the end of 2020 finally. The time is still not enough open to keep the parties to the contract to extend the Transition period for an indefinite period of time. Otherwise, you could grab a catch-all solution, in the the United Kingdom remains in a customs Union with the EU – the so-called Backstop.

In the provisional text of the Treaty, the question of the end of the transition phase remains open. Clause 126 provides for a transitional phase until 31. December 2020; an additional clause in clause 132 allows the parties to the contract, but an extension for an indefinite period of time – the end date is marked with an X. A provision in the attached Protocol on page 302 States that there should be in this transition phase, no “hard limit” on the island of Ireland.

The Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar was satisfied with the solution. To prevent a “hard limit was one of the most difficult challenges. What was as a Backstop is known, is now set out in the Treaty text. The Backstop will attack, ‘unless and until’ a better solution.”

Guy Verhofstadt, who had coordinated the Brexitverhandlungen for the European Parliament, said in a video message, similar to Barnier said: “We have managed to agree on a Backstop that will guarantee that will not harden the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, and that the good Friday agreement stays safe and secure.” The good Friday agreement of 1998 ended the decades-long armed conflict formally, since then, Northern Ireland and Ireland are grown commercially.

criticism of the Backstop solution, especially of Brexit-hard-liners in the Conservative party and from the Northern Irish DUP, whose votes may’s minority government in Parliament. The DUP rejects any special treatment of Northern Ireland. The Brexit-hardliners demand that the Backstop should apply only for a limited time. Both groups threaten to leave the agreement during the vote in Parliament fail.

The Northern Ireland question had prevented over a number of months to conclude the Brexit negotiations with the United Kingdom.

The agreement reached on a Treaty text was a prerequisite for the convening of a special summit of the EU heads of state and heads of government to Brexit, on which the agreement is approved. According to the diplomat, the Meeting on 25 may. November take place. Convened it has EU Council President Donald Tusk. This announced that he will meet with Barnier on Thursday morning. Both want to step out in front of the press.

With Material from dpa and AFP

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