In only 38 minutes, claimed Bob Wallace, he drove a Lamborghini Miura from Modena to Milan. Even if it was in the late 1960s, less traffic, this seems rather optimistic. It would correspond to an average speed of 268 km/h – rather difficult with a car that was 200 km/h on the front very, very easily.

A wild dog was Bob Wallace, born in 1938 in Auckland, new Zealand, but from all. With 22 he came to Europe, first worked at Lotus as a mechanic (where he may have learned of the generous dealing with the facts), then moved on to Italy, first to Maserati, to Ferrari, where he was chief wrench for a significant share of the formula 1 world champion, Phil Hill. In 1963, he moved to Lamborghini, was one of the first mechanic of the young brand and was soon appointed to the position of test driver. Wallace commented on the later pragmatic: “they simply had no other.”

His most famous work, the Lamborghini Miura SVJ was. SV stands for “Super Veloce”, the J, Italian Iota, for the corresponding Annex in the then FIA regulations, in which it was set, as production cars were converted to race cars. Wallace took a late Miura SV from the Band, knew the twelve-cylinder engine with a dry sump lubrication – and came up with a little fine-tuning to 420 HP.

Not bad for a vehicle, the brakes, thanks to extensive use of aluminum (the Chassis), Plexiglass (!) and -disks, completely empty geräumtem interior and only one windshield wiper came on an empty weight of under 900 pounds. Interestingly, the solution for the Tank was: Wallace’s built-in two 60-Liter containers in the side doors.

The spare wheel wandered behind the engine, also for better weight distribution. It was fudged, Wallace should mainly worked in the night on his race car and some of myself part of the ground, turned improved, – so the Jota was.

First, the vehicle should be built back to the SV, but then it was sold to the Italian millionaire Alfredo Belpone that destroyed the car in 1972, on a closed highway in the vicinity of Brescia completely. According to the model of the Ur-Jota later, five SV were converted by the factory to SVJ, one of which is for the Shah of Persia. Today, there are still some other Miura posing as SVJ.

twelve-cylinder with 6.5 Liter displacement, 770 HP

Now Lamborghini leaves the old shortcuts back to life. Not for a single piece: a Proud 900 copies of the Aventador will be crowned. The designation should be clear that this is the strongest and therefore fastest of all V12-Lamborghini – which has proven to be the Aventador SVJ on the Nordschleife.

With a time of 6:44,97 minutes, he claimed the lap record for series vehicles – again, 2.5 seconds faster than the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, which is now truly a nose drill. A final exclamation mark, the Aventador sets: There will soon be a successor, and will then compete with a free eye, the twelve-cylinder.

It is a wonderful unit that powers the Lamborghini Twelve-cylinder in V-arrangement, with 6.5 liters of displacement, 770 HP, a maximum torque of 720 Nm. This engine is mounted slightly to the side, offset and its traditional power to all four wheels emits, in order to accelerate the 1525 kg and 2.09-Meter-wide SVJ in only 2.8 seconds to 100 km/h; maximum speed over 350 km/h should be possible.

all theory is grey, but wonderful, according to the machine, if it turns at 8700 Rpm to the limiter, Opera buffa, the great Theater, as only the Italians can apply for the apparently different noise limits than manufacturers from other countries.

In Sant’agata, much has been invested in the J. most obviously the still Wilder Verspoiler are pipes – the most high-drawn exhaust pipe. The 20 HP does not make the Fry grease, but there are more Carbon and, therefore, a few pounds less.

the most intensive treatment during the suspension, the four wheel drive has been recalibrated, and is now designed more as a rear-wheel drive, the rear axle steering was a trace of direct, what should be the agility conducive to the stabilizers and dampers have been stiffened slightly, disguised under the ground.

The great secret but the aerodynamics system, called ALA (Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva). While, for example, the McLaren of Senna the electric Spoiler motor in which the Computer has calculated the perfect position to work in a Lamborghini with the Wind.

In the curve can increase ALA the pressure asymmetrically, i.e. in the left bend, on the left, more pressure, and the right side according to relieve. But you have to be with the knife between the teeth on the move, to be able to feel it – because the majority of the Aventador will be customers of the courage and the Talent before.

And you had the optional Pirelli Trofeo-R tires mounted on the test drives on the circuit of Estoril, then they would be able to play your best and the most expensive piece (base price: 349.116 Euro), you Can probably be even better. On the first round of the SVJ is a dangerous tendency had not to slip on the front wheels – what is the test pilot of such a vehicle is expected, what it also inhibits the exploration of the limits of.

Later, as it had more wear on the track and the tyres were really up to temperature, it was pleasure driving larger and corresponded to the expectations, which were, however, in regard to the possibilities of a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, and especially McLaren Senna at a very high level. Quite there at the top of the SVJ does not move, it is too hard and too confusing for the Amateur. And yet he makes more than the above-mentioned device because it sounds so good, because he is so animalistic, because he demands a lot of respect for, or even better: humility.

a bit of humility would have done Lamborghini. The Miura SVJ is a legend, one of the stories that make up the character of the brand. Clearly, the Aventador SVJ is a rough gun, but just the fact that 900 will be built, undermines this myth. And so great that he deserved the big names, this Aventador now.

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