bring in The new year for motorists in many Changes. As a result, millions of cars coming in the other type classes in the Car insurance, which some drivers more than others. Electric cars need to make from the middle of the year, acoustic warning signals, in order to make pedestrians and cyclists. Also from mid-year onwards the car should be able to owners of their vehicles online for the first time allow. All of the important Changes for 2019 at a Glance:

New type classes in the Car insurance

For roughly 11 million vehicle owners to change to 1. January 2019 the contributions of your Car insurance.

5.4 million motorists slides in lower type classes, the decline of the contributions. An example: the driver of a VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI with comprehensive insurance pay according to the pay scale reclassification 264 euros less . This has been calculated by the consumer portal Check24. Around 5.7 million holder be ranked higher. The owner of a part of the hull and machinery insured Toyota RAV4 Hybrid will then have to pay up to 1134 euros more . Almost three-quarters, i.e. approximately 29.5 million car drivers the type class of your motor Vehicle liability insurance remains unchanged. Once a year, the Association of the German insurance economy (GDV) assesses the damage to balance sheets of all registered in Germany, car models, where the insurance fees for the individual types.

registration online for the first time

The number of new registrations of cars and description of change will be digitized in the coming year. mid-2019 holder can allow its cars for the first time online and re-register . Prerequisite for this is an electronic identity card.

warning system for electric cars

From the 1. July 2019 equipped electric and hybrid cars with audible alerts . The first applies only for new electric car types that are approved for use in Europe. From mid-2021 the System is used for all newly marketed E-cars and Plug-in Hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. The AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) systems will generate up to a speed of 20 km/h and a sound that resembles the noise of nitro cars, and also the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle is audible. Thus, the visually Impaired, pedestrians and cyclists should be on the E-cars. This generate at low speeds, otherwise hardly any road noise.

tax benefits for electric service car

official car , which are also used for private purposes, you need to 2019 will only be taxed 0.5 percentage of the list price in the month of cash benefits , if it is an electric and hybrid car . For example, For a vehicle that costs 30,000 Euro, is the monetary benefit of EUR 150 per month. This sum will be taxed at the individual percentage. The new regulation applies to vehicles, which, according to the 31. December 2018, and before 1. January creates 2022. In other cars the money is benefits continue to be a percentage of the list price. With the promotion, the Federal government wants to create a purchase incentive for electric cars.

New emission standard Euro 6d-temp

1. September 2019 must meet all of the new vehicles, the strict emission standard Euro 6d-temp . It has led, according to the experts, the car manufacturer for the first time, an effective exhaust gas cleaning installed systems in diesel vehicles and emit fewer pollutants.

The exhaust gas test in the new test cycle WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure) on the test bench. To simulate real driving behavior better than the old NEDC cycle.

in Addition, the exhaust gases are measured in real operation (Real Driving Emissions, RDE). The car is driven on roads where random acceleration, deceleration, or changing temperatures make the measurement more realistic. The target values, the discrepancy between the laboratory-measured gas and the actual emissions in the transport in addition to reduce.

The new standard gives diesel drivers, according to experts, more certainty that they are not affected by driving bans. An EU court overturned limits last, however. Whether you are a driver of the latest Diesel be locked out of cities, and should also show in 2019.

New bans

In the coming year, a number of new bans, for old diesel cars in different German cities.

The beginning of Stuttgart. starting from 1 may. January 2019 not to drive diesel vehicles of the Euro 4 exhaust gas standard and lower the environmental zone of the city.

In the April 2019 follows Cologne. From then on, a driving ban for Euro 4 Diesel cars with lower emission standards in the environmental zone. From September 2019 the ban is extended to Euro-5 Diesel . The same is true for Bonn , but only for two sections of road.


In Berlin . June 2019 on 11 on-road driving bans for diesel vehicles, including Euro 5 sections imposed The blocking of a total of 120 additional sections will be examined.

In food from July 2019 for a Zone, in the diesel cars only with Euro 5 and September only EUR 6 are allowed to drive. This is also a section of the A40 motorway is affected for the first time.

Gelsenkirchen block section from July 2019 road for diesel cars below Euro 6.

September 2019 Diesel threaten-driving bans in Mainz , should not be exceeded the limit values in the first half of the year.

Darmstadt was agreed between the municipality and the plaintiff environmental organizations on a comparison. Driving bans for diesel cars up to Euro standard 5, and gasoline up to Euro norm 2 will be available from June, initially on two streets – but it could still be expanded.

also driving bans in the Frankfurt, München, Aachen and Wiesbaden threaten to court judgments . There is litigation still going on.


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