targeted drones-fault actions, the London Gatwick airport 36 hours of lame, are the British authorities are still in search of the perpetrators. Steve Barry of the police of Sussex told the BBC that “persons of interest” – suspicious person in the course of the investigations identified. The police had no knowledge about the motives. Also, no one had been interviewed or arrested.

At noon, had the investigators, according to transport Minister Chris Grayling is still not a hot track. “The police have strands of a number of Investigation and there is speculation that it could be a Protest of environmentalists, but we do not really know,” said Grayling on BBC Radio. Evidence of a terrorist Background, it does not give. Nevertheless, he called for long prison sentences for the perpetrators.


On Friday morning, had been included in the flight operations, however, approximately 25,000 travelers were affected by flight cancellations. 837 scheduled flights 155 were at least. Passengers were asked to inform themselves before arrival to Gatwick at your Airline, if your flight takes place. Overall, the travel plans of around 150,000 people were thwarted by the disruptive actions.

The safety is now ensured by the defensive measures of the military, said Gatwick-operating Director Chris Woodroofe of the BBC. To the resources of the army, should not he give the price. He could not, however, exclude that there are further disruptions in flight operations. About 40 Times the drones had been spotted previously on the airport. It is according to the police, drones for professional use.

Since Wednesday evening, was in Gatwick, apart from a three-quarter hour break, not one more plane landed or launched. Incoming machines had to be diverted and in part hundreds of kilometres away, and Airports such as Amsterdam and Paris. The forces were able to protect the interference in spite of a large police operation, with helicopters, sniper-and the special of the army not bind initially.

The Downing of the drone was only a “tactical Option” considered. The danger from misdirected projectiles was too great, said transport Minister Grayling. “You can’t just fire random weapons in a built up area of the airport. This would have consequences if it went wrong,” said Grayling.

With more than 45 million passengers in the past year, Gatwick is the seventh largest airport in the EU and the second largest in the UK, behind the Europe-wide leader London-Heathrow.


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