For many people, heard the noise to the youth. Young people don’t know your limits; if you drink too much, smoke, or smoke pot, the people around you react initially often with understanding. Rainer Thomasius is the Medical Director at the German centre for addiction issues of the child and adolescence in Hamburg. He treated the sick addiction to children and young people and says: The drugs have changed, and changed, the Cannabis of today is different than what parents may remember.

the WORLD: If children drink too much or smoke pot, seem parents often ignore the fact. The child is sitting constantly at the Computer, find the most terrible. From your experience: What is it now worse?

Rainer Thomasius: Both forms of Addiction are fatal for young people. They have in common is that they restrict the age-appropriate development of each child solid. Both lead to the Isolation of the Affected. In the case of psychotropic substances such as Cannabis on top of that they have a direct effect on the Central nervous system.

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