Every sixth person in Germany, drinking too much alcohol. This was the result of the drug and addiction report, in 2018 the Federal government. Therefore, a people created by the consequences of alcohol consumption economic damage in the amount of almost 40 billion euros a year.

“alcohol is drunk in Germany is still clearly too much and too thoughtless,” said the German government drugs Commissioner, Marlene Mortler. Although the Per capita consumption of pure alcohol decreased in the last 40 years, is one of Germany in an international comparison in order to the high-consumption countries.

Risky alcohol consumption

In this category of women were to take more than 10 grams of pure alcohol per day. In the case of men, it was counted as a quantity of 20 grams per day. Ten grams of the alcohol are, for example, in a small glass of beer (250 milliliters).

The consequences of alcohol consumption are also reflected in the treatment statistics. Among all addictive substances alcohol of 2016, was back in Germany by far the most common reason for therapy:

outpatient treatment 49 percent of the therapies were the result of an alcohol addiction. With 17.8 percent of Cannabis followed in second place, and opioids are the reason for 13.7 percent of the outpatient were addiction treatments. In the case of the inpatient treatment – the short-term treatment in the hospital and long-term Weaning in rehabilitation facilities – was the role of the alcohol even more. Here 68.8% of the diagnoses were the result of an alcohol addiction, 9.2 percent to Cannabis and 5.2 percent on opioids.

diversified the age structure of The patient greatly depending on the substance, write the authors of the report. Patients with cannabis dependence, therefore, is in the middle at the latest, patients with alcohol dependence in the cut at the oldest.

in addition, the data show that diseases of addiction, men significantly more often. Among the hospitalised three Times more men than women were, according to the Figures.

Smoking: Positive Trend, but more and more E-cigarettes

Significantly more positive than in the alcohol of the messages in terms of cigarettes: The proportion of Smoking young people has reduced the drug report that in the past ten to 15 years by two-thirds. Even in adults, the Smoking rate has dropped since 2003 to about 30 percent. The Problem, however, still many of the socially weak.

MORE about Germany Smoking kills – especially a part of our society

In the case of electronic cigarettes, however, the authors documented an increase in consumption. “Especially younger people aged 16 to 29 years, to try E-cigarettes: In this age group, almost one-fifth has ever used E-cigarettes, with increasing age, this proportion decreases continuously,” the authors write. Regular consumption is not, however, significantly lower, many remain so.

Still it is not resolved how harmful E-cigarettes. Because the Liquids contain nicotine, you can how to make cigarettes addictive. The concentration of other pollutants in the mist of E-cigarettes, however, significantly lower in the smoke of conventional cigarettes, the authors write.

More than eight tonnes of cocaine – a new record

in addition to the health consequences of drug use, the Report also deals with measures in the fight against illegal drugs. Accordingly, the quantity of Cannabis seized in Germany has increased in the past year – 9026 kg. In the past ten years, only in 2014 has been seized more Cannabis.

The cocaine, the investigators reached a new record: a Total of last year, were seized 8166 kilograms of the drug, so much as never before. The cause of this is several large finds in the German seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven, the report says. Also in the case of amphetamine, the DEA agent moved in 1669, kilogram of such a large amount from the market like never before.

A significant decrease in there was, however, in the case of Ecstasy (almost 700,000 pills); Heroin (298 kg) and Opium (50 kg) decreased the values only slightly. For Europe, large quantities of Heroin had been found in other Parts, the authors write. In the case of Crystal Meth, the volumes rose for the first time after three years, to 114 kilograms.

“The made seizures in Europe continued to be high availability of cocaine and Heroin, as well as a demand on a high level. Crack plays nationwide, a subordinate role and is only in the cities of Frankfurt and Hamburg, is increasingly detectable”, the authors conclude.


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