Google has been condemned in the context of the General data protection regulation (DSGVO) in France to a penalty in the amount of 50 million euros. The French national data protection authority, the Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) announced on Monday. The CNIL is the first European Regulatory body, the punished with reference to the DSGVO a global Internet group.

The data protection authority indicates that it had received two complaints, once by the Vienna Non-Profit organization noyb and once from La Quadrature du Net, a group of civil rights activists from Paris. The complaints were already at the 25. May and on 28. May 2018 received. 25. May the DSGVO in the EU, was came fully to the application.

The CNIL writes that she investigated the allegations, which revolve around Setting up a Google account on an Android phone, in September 2018, through its own Reviews. Finally, you saw two types of violations of the DSGVO.

Once Google had violated its transparency and information obligations. Essential information “to be distributed about the data processing purposes and for the duration of data storage, several documents have been be areas” – including buttons and Links, have to click on the one to to additional information access. “The relevant information only after several steps accessible to all”, criticized the CNIL, sometimes the drag is equal to five to six actions.

The information was also not always clear and understandable, users were not, therefore, “able to understand the extent of Google’s processing operations complete. The operations were “massive and Intrusive”, because Google have to offer about 20 services.

Neither “specific” nor “clear”

the second part of The criticism of the approach of the US group similar in principle: Google is missing, according to the data protection authority of a valid consent of the user him personalized Ads to play.

Google declare that it had obtained the user’s consent to processing of data for the personalization of Ads. In the opinion of the authority, the user will not be informed sufficient about how many Google services subject to your consent, from search to YouTube. The consent of the user that is to be obtained in the framework of the registration of a Google account, is neither “specific” nor “clear”. to make

The decision, the penalty and its amount to the public, justified by the CNIL, with the “Severity of the identified violations of the fundamental principles of the DSGVO: transparency, Information and consent”.

It was a one-off, limited-time violations, emphasizing the authority. The violations were still observed. And every day, “thousands of Frenchmen would create” a Google Account, if you are using an Android Smartphone.

Google examine the decision, noyb welcomes you

Google may appeal against the decision of the Council of state in Paris. By the company, it said on Monday on a MIRROR request to: “users expect a high degree of transparency and control. We are determined to meet these expectations and the requirements of Consent of the DSGVO. We examine the decision to our next steps.”

Max Schrems, the Chairman of noyb, welcomes the decision of France: “After the introduction of the DSGVO we need to realize that large corporations such as Google interpret the DSGVO just ‘different’, and their products have often adapted only superficially,” – said in a press release: “It is important that the authorities make it clear that that’s enough.”

According to the DSGVO can be imposed on companies fines in the amount of up to four percent of the annual worldwide turnover in the preceding business year. To clarify: Google has made in the third quarter of 2018, worldwide, more than 33 billion dollars in sales.


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