elected The international police organization Interpol, the South Koreans, Kim Jong Yang to be their new President. The delegates of the member countries elected him at their Meeting in Dubai for two years into office, announced the organization on Twitter. At least two-thirds of the votes were necessary.

Kim won the election against the former Deputy chief Alexander Prokoptschuk from Russia. Prokoptschuk was regarded as the favorite in the election, but he was internationally controversial. Several U.S. senators had warned that the Kremlin could use Interpol in the future for the persecution of critics. Also, German politicians were against Prokoptschuk. The government in Moscow, voice of choice, influence and rejected the criticism.

Kim interim was most recently the President of Interpol. Its predecessor, the Chinese Meng Hongwei, had traveled to the end of September in his home country and was missing. Only days later, the Chinese government, Interpol informed that Meng from his Post resign. In addition, the Chinese authorities announced that Meng because of corruption allegations will be determined. The successor is now in office Mengs until 2020 to complete.

Interpol coordinates the international cooperation of the police and to be used for the exchange of information, for example, on arrest warrants. The daily work at the headquarters in Lyon, France, is headed by the Secretary-General. Since 2014 Jürgen Stock, formerly Deputy of the Federal criminal police office (BKA). The President directs, in contrast, the General Assembly of the member States and monitors the work of the General Secretariat.

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