Marie was 84 years as a member of the Evangelical Church.In the justification for its withdrawal raises allegations against the municipality.With their gay grandchildren, she understands perfectly.

The 84-year-old Marie could not believe her ears: In the TV-program “Panorama” was a Protestant Pastor in the beginning of April to homosexuals as “sinners”. At the same time, he offered them “the cure”.

No reaction of the official Church

The old lady was horrified: she has two gay grandchildren. You expected a reaction from the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) on the report.

As the materialize, they drew their consequences: After 80 years of membership, resigned from the Church.

grandson posted the letter on Facebook

In the letter, they justified their step with the Silence of the Church clergy the views of the homophobic. Kim, one of her grandchildren, published the letter to his grandmother on Facebook.

There he was prompt to viral Hit: The Facebook Users admire the attitude and the consequence of the old lady.

private With this Letter a 84 reasonable outlet-Year-old in your Church. Her grandson posted the Letter on Facebook.

“. no sin” is taking

Marie in their Letter no sheet before the mouth “If people are happy, love each other and to your Next, then this may not be a sin,” she writes. To rush against other people, in their eyes, however quite a sin.

learned Nothing from history?

Openly asks you whether to “uncertainty, re-education, and destabilization” are Christian values? Because with his appearance, it would make the Pastor’s young people are of no avail, unnecessarily difficult, to state their sexual orientation.

sharp-sighted you also asked whether the priest would have nothing of German history learned – “where Jews, Roma, homosexuals and sick people were killed.”

in the Future, they pray at home

she is convinced: “If there is the God that we believe in, then he created people the way they are.” Grandma Marie will, however, pray at home in the future.

Marie knew early of sexual orientation, the grandson

in the Meantime, grandson Kim, who had put the letter into the grid expressed, to “Spiegel Online”: His grandmother had spoken the evening after the airing of the TV report from the Church exit. You’ve done it actually would have surprised him, however.

The 37-Year-old reported that he had his grandmother 17 years ago, to be gay. At first she was not thrilled, but they got used to it quickly.

“My grandma is an open-minded, strong woman,” he told the Portal. Accordingly, pleased she had been positive Facebook comments, which he had read to her.

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