hundreds of thousands of Afghans have returned in the last year of a severe economic crisis-ridden Iran in their home. According to the International organization for Migration (IOM), left 2018, more than 773.000 Afghans in Iran, which borders the war-torn country. The are much more than in 2017, as well as 500,000 Afghans from Iran have returned. Especially the US sanctions have exacerbated the economic crisis in Iran.

most of The refugees had possessed neither a residence nor a work permit. As one of the reasons the IOM proclaimed that the demand for cheap labour in Iran was decreased because of the economic problems. Also political reasons played a role.

But Afghanistan also suffers from high unemployment and weak economic development. Also, there are, according to UN data, due to the poor security situation, hundreds of thousands of internal refugees – people driven from their homeland, without, however, exceeding a state limit.


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