Dunamu’s founding Chairman Song Chi-hyung speaks during the opening ceremony of the Upbit Developer Conference in the BPEX on Sept. 22. Photo courtesy of Dunamu

Korean fin-tech company makes big investments in new biz

South Korea’s leading fin-tech company Dunamu announced on Dec. 13 that the outfit would make further investments to help create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem.

The Seoul-based company, which operates the country’s foremost crypto exchange Upbit, said that it had also put forth great efforts to safeguard the investors.

As specific measures, Dunamu said that it had established an investor protection center designed to offer consulting services around the clock.

In particular, the dedicated center has tried to safeguard its customers from the ever-increasing threats from voice phishing attacks.

The number of voice phishing victims has rocketed in South Korea during the past several years, and along the same line, the amount of damage also has jumped.

“Since this March, we have joined hands with the Seoul police agency to prevent voice phishing through exchanging information and strengthening necessary capabilities,” a Dunamu official said.

“In addition, we have offered various education sessions through our YouTube channel or translation of white papers so that end customers could be better informed.”

Upbit Development Conference

Another major initiative of Dunamu is the Upbit Developer Conference (UDC), which the company has held every year since 2018.

The conference, which is geared toward expanding knowledge on the blockchain, has attracted not only experts and businesspeople, but also ordinary people at home and abroad.

The fifth edition of the annual event took place in Busan in late September to bring around 50 speakers and up to 3,000 participants from across the world.

They shared the latest technological trends and insights on the blockchain industry.

All the pieces of stuff are open to the public free of charge as they are available at the conference’s official YouTube site or Website, according to Dunamu.

The corporation also came up with the UDC report in two languages of Korean and English.

“Unlike other conferences, the UDC has nothing to do with commercial marketing or monetary activities. It’s only about studying blockchain,” the Dunamu official said.

“People take part in various programs to share their knowledge and discuss the latest trends in the blockchain. We strive to let folks witness the exponential potential of blockchain technologies.”

ESG management

Dunamu said that the above-mentioned projects had been in line with the company’s ESG management principle aimed at supporting the sustainable lives of future generations.

“Dunamu has focused on the ESG management on the back of blockchain technology’s prowess in decentralization, safety, transparency, and scalability,” the official said.

Short for Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance, ESG has been regarded as three central factors in improving the sustainability of a company or business.

During the past few years, ESG programs have become a hot-button topic for businesspeople, government officials, and scholars both locally and globally.


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