Friedhelm Funkel and refused to the Fans. After the 2:1 success at FC Augsburg, the travelling Fortuna supporters chanted loudly his name. They wanted to celebrate their coach. Sparkle remained, however, on the Central line and sent his players into the Fans. “You should stand in the foreground,” he said after the game.

The 65-Year-old knows all the mechanisms of the industry and know this, that after the Treaty-Posse in the Winter, all eyes on him. Reminder: The Board did not want to speak in the Winter training camp with the coach about a contract extension, Twinkle, however. In short, the club announced the separation in the summer and folded a few days later. Twinkle got his contract extension.

Not only, therefore, Sparkle the winner of this weeks. The success in Augsburg, Germany, was the fourth win of Fortuna in a row. Seven points ahead of Düsseldorf in the play-off position, seven points behind a Europa League place. Because it’s easy to forget that the club had not quite arguments, to extend the contract with a Twinkle in advance. The narrow victory against Augsburg shows an example of what speaks for and what against Funkel.

Sparkle changes the victory a

A game lasts 90 minutes. No team has paid heed to the old Herberger wisdom so meticulously, such as the Fortuna. Six of their 21 goals this season they scored after the 85. Minute. 17. Round shock you to Hannover 96 with the winning goal in the 92. Minute against Augsburg, the Benito Raman moved scored in the 89. Minute the winning goal. Also at 2:1-sensational victory against Borussia Dortmund, Fortuna had to shiver until the last second.

in view of this conclusion, it is almost logical that the Fortuna-leadership posed the question: Is this the reward of the Industrious? Or just lucky? They wanted to wait until March before you talk with Sparkle about a contract extension.

“it is Always luck,” said the FC Bayern Junior coach Hermann Gerland. In fortune’s case, the late hits are part of a larger Plan. Funkels Team starts all League games defensively. No matter whether you have to defend in a 5-3-2 or like against Augsburg in a 4-4-2: First of all, the Zero must stand. Just 14 goals were scored in Games with Fortuna-participation in the first half(goal difference: 6:8). In nine of their 18 regular season games it stood at the break 0:0.

What is the SPIX? MIRROR ONLINE has developed an Instrument to evaluate the performance of footballers beyond personal impressions: the SPIX. It is based solely on game data. In the calculation of the individual performance as well as that of his team. The special feature: The SPIX’s not recognized in the data, he evaluated their relevance and quality. Details of the model can be found here:New game notes at SPIEGEL ONLINE: the Measurement of The Bundesliga

it was Only in the second half of the spark of the courage his team on the offensive set. He rarely changes the tactical Formation, usually Sparkling content, faster and more offensive game type to exchange. You lurk with the outside forwards in a quick counter-shocks. The success proves him right: Six of the 21 goals this season achieved the Joker. Sparkle for a victory.

düsseldorf’s current high-altitude flight, this also depends on that many a master player has found his Form again. Central defender Talent Kaan Ayhan is the best example: in the middle of the first half of the season, he showed part a catastrophic benefits, the 0:3 against Gladbach inflicted all the goals against. Sparkle took Ayhan from the first team and let him take a break. He returned back stronger than ever. Now he is part of passports with his precise, and its presence in the Standards to the key players of Fortuna.

Also, the outside defender Niko Gießelmann and Matthias Zimmermann arrived after some initial difficulties in the League. You have to defend well-versed in the wings and set at the same time offensive accents.

The SPIX, as evidenced by the defender-the Trio has developed their statistical values in the middle of the first round, partly underground, they are currently the strongest Fortuna players.

The highest SPIX scored at the weekend, but no field players, but a goalkeeper: Michael Rensing currently holds almost everything that comes on his box. Both Dortmund as well as Hannover and Augsburg developed in the course of the game, more shots on goal than düsseldorf. But Rensing managed to thwart most of these Attempts.

Late goals, terrific goalkeeping: a bit of luck was needed for düsseldorf’s victory series. The Fans won’t matter. They celebrate their coach Funkel – probably also in the coming season. Funkels contract is extended, in the case of a class a finding. This is due to a ten-point lead on a direct relegation rank is more likely than ever.

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