proof of the pudding is in the eating

In Germany, opened a new car factory. But not just any plant of Volkswagen, Daimler or one of the other German traditional manufacturer. The Car manufacturer is in the double sense of the word, the work of a Uniprofessors. In Aachen, namely, from the University of RWTH Aachen, which emerged from the Start-up has opened up e. Go Mobile a factory for electric cars. From 2019, a year to 10,000 in electricity to run.

The opening of the Plant represents a development in the mobility world: Small Start-ups the industry are increasingly changing. It was Sono engine of Munich and the Swedish company Uniti – both in 2019, will bring an electric car to the market or the project ACM (Adaptive City Mobility), a consortium of ten companies that are currently developing the E-car is ACM City.

The list could go on and on. Whether it’s E-car mobility App or Sharing concept: increasingly, small companies are entering in the market and make it difficult for the large manufacturers. This is good, creating opportunities and increases the pressure to change.
By Christian Frahm

Let’s talk, Baby-Benz!

is Not in the luxury class, no, in the A-class, Mercedes has launched in April, his Revolution in the Cockpit . MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) is the name of this new type of connectivity and is considered to be the most advanced operating system in the world. IT learns through its artificial intelligence to the driver each time you use better, know his habits, know his daily routes, or his favorite music.

Start the control is speech with the greeting “Hey Mercedes”. You don’t need to even form stereotypes of the instructions, but can merrily chatter away. “I’m cold” enough so that IT increases the temperature in the car. “I’m hungry” shows on the Display, the Restaurants along the route.

we will Probably regret it at some point, if MBUX the subject of a data scandal – but now the Superiority over the previously known systems is fascinating.
By Michael Specht

In large dimensions

The transition to an electric vehicle think is possible – and soon for many more people than you think. In more and more cities – including Berlin, Hamburg, Mannheim, Regensburg – standard electric buses , such as Mercedes, MAN, or Solaris, set in regular line operation in service.

The Federal Ministry of the environment encourages this by it costs up to 80 percent of the investment. Finally, there is movement in the public TRANSPORT and, while quiet and locally emission-free.
By Jürgen Pander

hands off the wheel!

Autonomous Driving is the major technology trend. Currently, however, the manufacturer will drive a huge development effort, and the customers pay exorbitant charges for a mostly manageable level of comfort. Because appropriate laws want to be missing and the car manufacturer can hardly be held liable for any accidents in the Autopilot take over mode, you must monitor as a driver at the end of the car but permanently and regularly the hands on a steering Wheel.

How to do it otherwise, shows Cadillac with his super cruise System in the United States. Thanks to significantly improved navigation buttons, and an optimized environment detection cars like the CT6 to keep on the Highway in the lane, and the driver can actually turn it off. Instead of Sensors on the steering Wheel, a camera monitors his attention.

Cadillac has also held the so – called transfer time – the time span in which the driver must again take over the command of the car-generous. You can also turn briefly to the man behind or, for example, while driving, in a Sandwich bite or the Sweater off. The robot Chauffeur, we’re still far, nonetheless, the System is more impressive than the technically Oh-so-advanced and yet somehow despondent German manufacturers.
Tom Grünweg

The wheel is new

invented to dispense with the car, sounds good: You can save the running costs and the search for a Parking space, and the daily traffic jam at rush time. However, as soon as something Heavy needs to be transported, or the morning trip to the Kindergarten is present, decreases the Motivation to the car waiving rapidly. The past year has shown that there are exactly for these cases, great solutions, come from Germany.

From the Hamburg super trailer , with thanks to the E-drive and the patented brake casserole in a comfortable and safe up to 250 kilograms of payload per Bicycle can transport, up to the cargo bike Chike , which weighs only 30 kilograms and the safety cabin provides space for two children: both of These innovations show representative, how much potential Alternatives to the car in Germany and how great the inventive spirit is also away from the big corporations.
Emil Nefzger

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