These products are affected alfalfa antics of salad mix sprouts, gourmet sprouts, sprouts On bread summer

shelf life (date of minimum durability or ‘use by’ date) sprouts:all of the MHDs, up to and including 29.10.2018

manufacturer (distributor):Healthy power food GbRDorfgrabenstr. 1567551 Worms

the reason for the warning:Verotoxigenic E. Coli

These 5 provinces are affected:

Baden-württemberg Bavaria Hesse North Rhine-Westphalia Rhineland-Palatinate

Healthy power food informed – so dangerous E. Coli bacteria:

A VTEC disease manifests itself usually within a week after infection, with diarrhoea and abdominal cramps. In particular, infants and young children, the elderly and people with weakened immune system may develop more severe disease courses with diarrhoea (sometimes bloody). People who have eaten this food, and severe and persistent symptoms develop should seek medical assistance and possible VTEC infection point.To go without symptoms, preventive medical treatment, is not useful.

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