Ironically, the diesel scandal puts the brakes on the mobility turn. The Aachen e. Go AG must postpone the start of production of its small car e. Go Life three months back. The city car with a range of 100 kilometers, the cost is just under 16,000 euros, was originally intended to run at the end of the year at the factory at Aachen.

The reason: a supplier to the diesel scandal more cautious and want to know exactly what is happening with their products in order not to be later for misuse liable.

The Corporate Governance rules, many suppliers have changed, writes the founder of the company Günther Schuh in a letter of Apology to the buyer of the vehicle, the “startup scene” and “NGIN Mobility”. Some suppliers want to remove the complete vehicle.

series production starts in March

Four suppliers of their components by Shoe words, until April 2019. Therefore, the e. Go could also ride in March 2019, the series production of high, because you could not produce 1000 vehicles to a stockpile.

so Far, no customers have backed out in significant numbers, says the company. Currently, am working on it, with all best-sellers purchase contracts, so that in spite of the delay in the enjoyment of the national environmental premium for emission-free cars. This purchase must be contracts until the end of June 2019 signed.

e. you will Go in two layers

working From June 2019 e. Go wants to introduce the two-shift operation to deliver the planned quantities. “We assume that all previous pre-order between April and September 2019 for your e. Go, a Life to get,” says Shoe.

First of all, every year 10,000 vehicles are to run from the Band, later the production will be increased to up to 30,000 copies per year, the company promises.

Despite the delay, the next project of the company is in the wings: the end of 2019 the production of the electric mini-bus-Mover to start. The production of 400 vehicles is targeted in the first year, until 2021, production is expected to rise to 15,000 pieces a year. The technology company ZF and the e. Go had announced in June of 2018, is a Joint Venture.

The car production of new Player time and time again to a Halt. Recently, Tesla was in the headlines, because the company is not able to deliver the Week of 10,000 vehicles, the Model 3, but apparently now.

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