Éclat du teint’s recent clinical tests show the effectiveness of P401 Active Tonique in dealing with acne problems. The skin of its user improves as demonstrated by the above top two pictures. The bottom picture is Hydro Booster 247, the flagship product of advanced cosmetics maker Éclat du teint. The company uses French materials to make the product, which regenerates skin and improves skin elasticity to prevent aging. Photo courtesy of Éclat du teint

High-tech cosmetics company wins hearts of customers

Éclat du teint, a cosmetics company based on French materials and cutting-edge technologies, is poised to launch its three P401 products next month to export them to global customers.

Its CEO Park Gyu-ri said on Nov. 27 that the products will hit the shelves on Dec. 1 to be shipped to such countries as the United States, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Russia, and UAE.

P401 products are named after peptide 401, an antibacterial peptide extracted from the venom of bees to have strong anti-inflammatory and skin protection effect.

In particular, Park said that clinical tests showed the effectiveness of P401 Active Tonique in dealing with acne problems. The other two P401 items are P401 Remedy Solution and P401 Relief Cream.

“P401 Active Tonique prevents acne by inhibiting the activity of bacteria causing acne. It is powered by a micro-spray particle technology to achieve antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects,” Park said in a recent interview.

“P401 Remedy Solution focuses on ensuring PH balance for intensive skin care, thus managing the PH imbalance of previous skincare methods or products.”

She added that P401 Relief Cream is a soft, calamine-derived pink cream, which adopts micro-protection coating technology for soothing benefits.

“Even before the debut of the products, we have signed export contracts with distributors in such regions as the United States, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Russia, and Dubai,” Park said. “They are expected to attract big popularity.”

In addition, Park noted that the company plans to sign an exclusive sales contract with a Kazak distributor to tap into the country.

“Up until now, we have mostly focused on the Chinese market. Recently, we waded into the Russian market, and the next target is Kazakhstan,” Park said in a recent interview.

“We managed to win the hearts of customers based on our technological edge and advanced French substances. Next year, we will also tap into Japan and Southeast Asian countries.”

Iconic products

Included in its other products are Hydro Booster 247, Hydro Repair Soothing Cream, After Sun Cream, Lipolytic VNS, The Real Care 2-step Modeling Mask CICA B5, and The True Care Cica-Cotton Mask.

Among them, Éclat du teint’s flagship products are Hydro Booster 247 and Hydro Repair Soothing Cream, according to CEO Park.

Using a total of 52 materials such as PDRN, amino acid, and hyaluronic acid, Hydro Booster 247 is geared toward regenerating skin and improving skin elasticity to prevent aging. PDRN is a premium product supplied by France’s top-tier player HTL Biotechnology.

Through three steps of skin-soothing, moisturizing, and protecting skin, Hydro Repair Soothing Cream helps relieve and recover from dryness and redness, which typically occur after medical treatments.

Hydro Booster 247 is also geared toward preventing aging via the fibroblasts-collagen synthesis and improving the moisturizing power of the skin in a natural way.

The CEO said that details can be checked at its website, www.eclatduteint.com.