The German economy has rather weak months behind. The trade dispute between the United States and China has left its mark, and the danger of unregulated Brexit is high. Nevertheless, the foreign trade Association BGA expects for the current year, a growth of German exports of up to three percent.

“will be built Anywhere in the world to invest and, above all, consumed,” said BGA President Holger Bing man of the “world”. “The Situation is not a crisis. We expect, therefore, that we have this year, through a valley, but that it is not relatively quickly, even a bit better if the open issues and risks escalate and not be realized. We expected already by 2020, a slight recovery.”

In the coming year an increase in exports of 3.5 per cent is possible. For the past year, the BGA had lowered its forecast in October to 3.5 from before, plus five percent.

“We have internally wrestled with what is the forecast we should be in this year,” said Bing man to the growth prospects for 2019. Even a minor Brexit could cost Germany 0.3 to 0.5 percentage points from gross domestic product. In principle, the Constitution of the world economy was robust enough to secure for German exporters.

“Basically, the German company should be prepared in a European comparison, the best on a hard Brexit, because you have a lot of experience with countries outside the EU, in which it is not always easy to do business,” said Bing man.

Overview DPA Brexit-follow: double blow to Germany’s companies

the biggest Concerns with a view to the Brexit said the BGA’s President, many businessmen doubted that the British could organize a quick clearance of Goods. Also in the case of product accounting for employees on the island of approvals – for example, in the chemical trade or the handling of personal data in the wage, there is great challenges.

Despite all the risks for the company’s Bing man but rejects larger Brexit-renegotiations. “The EU should now add, in no case again strong, or the British, with far-reaching concessions ends meet,” he said. “There is an agreement now are really under mutual clench your Teeth and in the both sides massive concessions have to be made. It should not be shaken.”


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