France’s government is contrary to the followers of the yellow West-protest movement and a number of the planned tax increases. Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said in a televised speech to endanger no tax to justify it, the unity of the Nation.

The government will suspend the January planned increase in the environmental tax, as well as the prices for gas and electricity, announced Philippe. The Ecotax is suspended, in his words, initially, for six months, the energy price increase during the winter months until 1. March.

Philippe said that the government wanted to calm down with the measures, the situation. He demanded that the violence must stop in the demonstrations. The state is a guarantor of peace and public order.

The center of government and in France the social-liberal state, chief Emmanuel Macron were to fall due to the protests of the so-called yellow the West in the past few weeks, is becoming stronger under pressure. Since mid-November, it comes all over the country to road blockades and demonstrations. At the weekend, the Situation escalated: In Paris, the demonstrators road fought battles with the police.. observers to speak of a civil war-like scenes. Shop Windows were broken, cars were burned and also the Arc de Triomphe was damaged. Radio station RTL reported, citing the city hall, could reach the damages to a sum of three to four million euros.

The protests were initially against the planned tax increases on fuel, but later also more generally against the policy of reform Macrons, which is regarded by many as the “President of the Rich”.

three weeks ago the government had declared that she wanted to hold on to your course, which seeks to promote with taxes on fossil fuels, the use of renewable energy sources. The tax increase would have led to a rise in the price of petrol by four cents per litre. Currently, the Liter will cost in Paris 1,42 Euro. Diesel is slightly more expensive.

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