A day after the nationwide Strikes of railway it also comes on the Tuesday of each train cancellations and delays for long-distance transport. “The trains of the Regional and S-train traffic to re-schedule,” said the trade Union EVG. In the long-distance transport in the aftermath of the strikes, were still occasionally to be felt from Monday.

The reason: trains and staff are in accordance with the four-hour warning strike not where they should according to schedule be. Travellers should therefore check just before your journey, if and when your train actually.

According to railway all tickets remain for Monday to Sunday valid. The booked trains for great savings on tickets has been repealed.

the Strikes, had called up the railway and transport Union (EVG). Hundreds of thousands of commuters not or not in due time had come, therefore, on Monday morning to work.

The verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) spoke of a “bad crisis communication” with the customers concerned. “The railway is today without consideration on losses of the operation, to organize without replacement market or to provide sufficient information,” said vzbv-Board Klaus Müller.

The railway had rejected the accusation, you’ll have more trains than necessary. The warning strike had made the maintenance works, trains would not have been able to be scheduled to be serviced.


“The Information for travellers was much too late, so that the travelers could not adjust to replacement opportunities,” also criticized Karl-Peter Naumann from the passenger Association, Pro Bahn. A strike in public transport was “of a different quality than a strike in the other industrial area”. The Association calls for Notfahrpläne in case of a strike, which could negotiate the collective bargaining parties in times of peace. It was in many European countries, in Italy.

First of all, no further strikes

Tuesday afternoon, a new collective set of negotiations between the track and the toe. New strikes should be first.

strikes at railway the rights of passengers

“With the warning strike made by our colleagues in an impressive manner, how serious you are with their demands,” said ECG negotiator Regina Rusch-Ziemba.

The toe was entered as the GDL with a requirement to 7.5 percent more income in the bargaining round. The railway had to pay in addition to a one-off payment of 500 Euro, an increase, in two stages, to 2.5 per cent offered: 1. March 2019, with a further 2.6 per cent to 1. January 2020, for a contract period of 29 months.

Here you will find the latest traffic reports of the Deutsche Bahn.

Video: a nationwide train strike on Monday morning



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