In the case of a bomb explosion in the vicinity of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt were killed according to official figures, two vacationers. Ten other tourists and two Egyptians were injured by a homemade explosive device, according to the Egyptian interior Ministry on Friday evening. Therefore, the bomb had exploded shortly after 18 o’clock (local time) on a busy street close to the tourist pyramids.

the message of The Ministry of the interior, it’s supposed to be in the affected tourists to the Vietnamese. In the case of the injured Egyptians it was the bus driver and an employee of the travel company.

The place of the incident was cordoned off by the security forces. The investigation lasted initially until far into the night.

Local media published on Twitter, the photos used to illustrate the Bus. Several slices of the shown bus are fragmented, the front screen has long cracks. The page is littered with scratches, and dark dust lanes.

In the vacation land of Egypt, it always comes back to attacks on tourists, and terrorist attacks. The travel industry of the country suffers. The tourist numbers were down after the upheavals of the so-called Arab spring of 2011, rebounded last but easily. The Foreign office warns, however, an increased risk of terrorist attacks.

especially in the Sinai Peninsula, it always comes back to between cases. But also in the capital Cairo or in other Parts of the country attacks occur again and again. Least seven people died in an attack on a Coptic pilgrimage in the beginning of November.


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