A court in El Salvador has spoken to a young woman from the charge of the attempted murder of her newborn Baby. The trial of Imelda Cortez had caused a great outrage: The 20-Year-old had been abused by her stepfather and had to answer in court, because they should have tried to terminate a pregnancy.

The Central American country has one of the most restrictive laws on abortion in the world: abortion is prohibited under all circumstances – even if a was raped at the end of mother or the birth itself could die. Offences can be classified as a murder and up to 50 years in prison to be punished.

Cortez, who grew up in poor circumstances in the country, had not noticed the pregnancy, according to. You brought the child in April of 2017, home to the world first, then came up bleeding heavily in a clinic. A doctor suspected that a young mother might have want to give yourself a Abortion. The doctors called the police, after a week in the hospital, Cortez had to go to prison.

Now, the 20-Year-old left the courtroom as a free man. You didn’t try to kill her Baby, noted the court. Relatives and human rights activists welcomed the decision.


Cortez’ is the stepfather of the father of the child, confirmed according to the human rights organization Amnesty Inter-national income DNA comparison. The 70-Year-old had passed to her – for the first time, when she was twelve years old.

The stepfather to visit the young woman in the hospital and threatened to kill her and other family members, should you speak with representatives of the authorities about the Abuse. Meanwhile, the man was arrested, according to the Prosecutor’s office. The process against him has not yet begun.

In El Salvador, are always condemned women because of the need for abortion, for murder to imprisonment. Only a few months ago, the release of the 40-year-old Mariana López had caused a sensation: they had been sitting 18 years in prison, after she had lost her child.

Teodora del Carmen Vásquez (December 2017)

For the indignation of the case of Teodora del Carmen Vásquez, who was sentenced in 2008 after a stillbirth to 30 years in prison, and in February was released from prison had taken care of. Vásquez had denied the abortion allegation always and claims to have an already dead child to the world. The summoned police took the still-unconscious young woman on suspicion of murder.

The acquittal of Cortez, do the women hope that there are similar cases in the prison, said lawyer Ana Martinez. According to the Initiative for the decriminalization of abortion 22 women in El Salvador freedom to serve currently, penalties of up to 35 years for murder in connection with abortions.

El Salvador’s President Salvador Sánchez Cerén had proposed 2017 a law that abortions be allowed in the case of rape or when the mother’s life is in danger. The Congress has not adopted yet, however.


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