Ségolène Royal will make his return on the political scene ? The former Environment minister, currently ambassador to the poles, was recognized on Wednesday morning on France Inter radio that she had been “requested” to take the lead of a list that would bring together socialists and ecologists in the european elections in may 2019. She said to the journalist Alexandra Bensaidi that it would decide “in the month of January”.

For a few weeks, his name has resurfaced, particularly since it is publicly displayed against the “hype tax” of the government, with the increase of the taxation of fuels. In mid-October, the name of the former minister had already been mentioned to become the head of the list of the PS perspective, which she declined. It has not, however, closed the door with a list on the left and on the ecological and wider.

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the first secretary of The PS, Olivier Faure, had estimated last Thursday on the same radio that Ségolène Royal was “a great figure of the left and ecology, and as such, she can embody this gathering” to the left to avoid the “suicide” of the division. And Patrick Kanner, the boss of the senators of the socialist and former minister at his side chimed in :”I think that it would be an excellent nomination”.

to face the “trials” of political life

Ségolène Royal wants to first see if it can be useful to answer a question that is crucial today: the future of Europe that is threatened and the future of France in Europe,” she said on France Inter. “This was not my idea nor the route that I had imagined to be a candidate and to immerse themselves in the political life with the events that it represents”, she also said.

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The ambassador from the poles, which was asked on the radio to present her book What I can finally tell you, continues : “For once, maybe I’ll choose depending on what I want to do to me personally.” It is a concern that its application could “trigger in terms of ego and aggression”.

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In his book, Segolene Royal addresses precisely the attacks misogynist which she was the victim in his career. “What I wanted to describe, that is what a woman experiences in politics and that a man does not suffer, by putting end to end all these attacks, without putting the names”, she asserted.

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