this Friday, a decision that could have consequences for the whole of Germany, a far-reaching falls in Hamburg. 1.001 CDU delegates elect a new party leader or a party leader and possibly the next German Chancellor, or the next German Chancellor. How does this work? We answer the most important questions.

All of the questions in the Overview: How to be a delegate? Who are the delegates? How many delegates a state Association may attend? How many candidates are there? How is it chosen? the delegates Are in your choice? For as long as the new party leader the party leader is elected? Who has the best chances? Who is the Secretary-General is? What do the losers? What happened at the party? when can we expect a result? view More How to become a delegate?

Each CDU member can let the delegates choose. In each state Association there are different rules: in most cases, applicants need to stand on a circle or district party Convention for the office of delegate, sometimes the delegates are elected, but also of the country party days.

One-third of the candidates on the proposal list, for example, created a district Association must be women. This does not however automatically mean that a third of women are elected because of the election, the party are free to members. In the past the quota has been met, however, nevertheless, always: In Hamburg, for example, 658 men and 343 women will participate as delegates.

A delegate’s mandate usually lasts two years – the one or more Selected must then attend to all the take place at this time party days. Most of the delegates are now in Hamburg, did not know at the time of their election, it is this time so exciting.

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Who are the delegates?

delegates are often people in the party, in the parliaments or governments of certain functions, even if it is not a requirement. They are, for example, members of governments, members of Parliament, local councils, mayors, or have taken over certain tasks in the party, such as a district Chairman, or in the associations of the party. According to Bild am Sonntag, for example, 150 – and 230 a member of the Landtag will be among the 1.000 delegates.

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How many delegates a state Association may attend?

a Total of 1,000 Delegates of the national associations of the CDU distributed. Who would collect as many of them, depends on the number of members of the state Association, in accordance with the ratio between members and population, and after the success of the Association in elections.

Particularly strong this Time are represented by delegates from populous States like North Rhine-Westphalia (296) and Baden-Württemberg (154). The city-state of Berlin can send 30 delegates, Bremen are only five. The as a particularly conservative force Eastern German land associations send together 103 delegates. A delegate of the overseas Association of Brussels sends – therefore, the odd number of the 1,001 delegates.

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How many candidates are there?

According to the announcement by Angela Merkel, the party’s presidency, to abandon, was of up to twelve candidates. Only three have registered according to the current state of their candidacy officially, the former General Secretary and former Saarland Minister-President Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the former Union parliamentary leader Friedrich Merz, and the Minister of health, Jens Spahn. However, even New could be added. Because each delegate can propose to the Congress either themselves or another party member.

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The choice is a secret. Therefore, each delegate will find in its place a visual barrier made of cardboard, behind which he can make his cross. Everyone has a voice. None of the candidates obtains in the first ballot, more than 50 percent of the valid votes cast, the vote is placed in a second ballot, again using the two Best.

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the delegates of your choice free?

Yes. Although the national Association of Saarland and the women’s Union for Annegret Kramp voted-karrenbauer, the student Union, and the middle state Association of Friedrich Merz to support. This is not to say, however, that delegates who belong to one of these associations, you need to also select the candidate.

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For as long as the new party leader the party leader is elected?

The CDU will choose their party leader or their party leader every two years, or to be Selected would have to be 2020 confirmed in office.

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Who are the best opportunities?

you Believe the polls, is likely to be decided, the choice between Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, and Friedrich Merz. Kramp-Karrenbauer was in population surveys last for both all respondents as well as the CDU-supporters of the front. However, whether the delegates are the same? In a survey in the Bild am Sonntag last weekend, had tried to contact all of the delegates, said, in addition, very many, have still not established. Among those who had decided and their decision also wanted to tell, was Merz the front. Much will also depend on the Speeches of the candidates. Before the election, everyone has the opportunity, again for 15 minutes.

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Secretary-General is Who?

This question is still open. Kramp-Karrenbauer has announced that they will no longer exercise the office, if they should not be used for the CDU leader to be chosen. Merz-many from the party recommend to put on a woman – if only to maintain the Gender balance, rather than halfway, maybe even one from East Germany. Kramp-Karrenbauer cane choose as the CDU-Chairman Vice-versa for a man.

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What do the losers?

most certainly Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer. She was Saarland’s Minister-President, and went to work as a General Secretary, to Berlin, to help the party out of the crisis. You will now not CDU leader, she would have first of all no office, no Bundestag mandate. Kramp-Karrenbauer has not excluded, that you want to go on after politics, in what function, the dependent of the party.

Friedrich Merz is expected to commence after the electoral defeat on the other hand, its activity in the asset Manager BlackRock, contract rests at the moment. A political office, he would not have then. Although Merz has been assured he will stand for the CDU in the event of an election defeat, which is still available – however, he refers always to his commitment to date. This was, however, rather slightly, so Merz is an example of Brexit-a representative of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Whether he intends, after a defeat in the front row of the politics of the game, he has left open so far.

For Spahn is likely to change little: He is the Minister of health and member of the CDU Presidium, both of which he is not likely to remain, if he is, the CDU-Chairman.

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What happens at the party?

On Friday morning, Merkel will your farewell speech after 18 years as party Chairman. You may be curious as to what they claim as their heritage and what recommendations will you give your party and their successors. In addition, not only a new Chairman or a new Chairman is elected. There is also the alternates, and the entire Federal Executive Board be re-elected. In addition, the CDU will discuss about the UN-migration Pact. In addition, the party is two Leitanträge – guiding questions for a new basic program and a social market economy in the 21st century. Of a century – advise and decide. And then there’s the advice and vote on 226 further applications.

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when can we expect a result?

The party begins at 10.30 a.m., for the election of the Board of management is, however, only agenda item 17. So it will probably be afternoon by the time the election begins. When the outcome also depends on whether there are one or two ballots. In the early evening – no later than 18 clock, but it should be fixed, who will lead the CDU in the future.

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