Bavarian state election on 14. October: This voice

In Bavaria, the First and second it is serious: On the 14. October is not only the state election, but also the district election does not fall. Overall, voters are permitted to cast four votes – two for the state and two for the district election. We focus in this article on the much more important state election.

In the regional elections voters choose their First and second voice, which deputies in the next legislative session in the state legislature to move, so as the Bavarian state Parliament in the next five years.

In the Bavarian state election law, there is a key distinction: unlike in the case of the election, the sum shall be First and second votes on the distribution of seats in the Parliament. Both votes are for the distribution of seats, therefore, exactly the same is important.

In the Bavarian Parliament sit a minimum of 180 deputies. The number of members may be increased by Excess or compensatory mandates.

The elected members of Parliament have the task to elect the Minister-President of Bavaria.

In the district elections also determined the members of the district days of the seven Bavarian districts.

electoral districts and voting districts in the Bavarian electoral system

The free state of Bavaria is divided, for the state election in electoral districts and voting districts.

There are seven electoral districts, each with its own open list. Unlike the Covenant, there is no country-wide uniform list. The constituencies are in accordance with the seven Bavarian government districts (upper Bavaria, lower Bavaria, upper Palatinate, Swabia, upper Franconia, lower Franconia, Central Franconia).

The constituencies are further divided into currently, a total of 91 voting districts.

The Parliament with the First and second voice select

On the ballot to give voters in the Bavarian state election, a First and a second voice.

the candidate with The most first votes in a voting circuit a pulls with a direct mandate as a representative of his or her Voting district in the state legislature.

91 of the 180 seats in the Parliament are occupied with the most candidates elected from the voting circle. The rest of the seats are filled with candidates from the open lists of the constituencies.

With the second vote, voters decide which candidates on the seven open lists of the constituencies, and thus with a higher probability in the state legislature can move in.

In the Bavarian state election, unlike in other States, for the distribution of seats in the Parliament to the parties, the counted First and second votes. The total votes, according to the principle of proportional representation, the distribution of seats.

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