The automotive group Daimler has announced that in the coming years, more than 20 billion Euro for the battery cells. It contracts with suppliers had been concluded, the set up to the year 2030, the supply of the own production, the company said.

Daimler is building the batteries themselves, to buy but the cells – the essential building block – in the case of external suppliers. The supplier of battery cells already produce in Asia and Europe and expanding to details of the group in Europe and in addition in the USA.

by 2025, should take 15 to 25 percent of the vehicles sold battery electric, said Daimler chief Dieter Zetsche. The car maker wants to put ten billion Euro in addition, in the development and production of the electric fleet at Mercedes-Benz. The first pure electric vehicle, it should come 2019 on the market.

Daimler is planning seven new battery-works

in addition, Daimler intends to build a production network for E-car batteries: A battery plant in Kamenz, Saxony is already in operation, and seven more are to follow. The cost to the group in accordance with a further billion euros. Daimler battery cells needed also for E-buses and trucks. The supply contracts are so designed that Daimler could have the latest cell technology, it said.

Volkswagen had already announced last year, in the coming years, a total of around 50 billion Euro for the battery cells spend. Recently VW announced plans to 2019 with the production of E-cars in Zwickau: start. BMW buys alone for four billion euros in cells in the case of the Chinese manufacturer CATL – part of it will come from a new cell factory in Thuringia.

in addition to CATL, the Asian manufacturer, LG Chem, Samsung SDI, SK Innovation and Panasonic, a leader in E-car batteries. The EU Commission has invited car manufacturers and suppliers repeatedly, to build in Europe, large factories for electric car batteries. Otherwise leading manufacturers such as Mercedes might be “not sure, that you always have access to the latest technology,” said state Secretary for Economic Affairs Matthias Machnig, in February. The Commission wants to promote the development of high-performance battery cells in the coming two years, with almost 200 million euros.


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