In the case of alternative powertrains, the German premium trio of Daimler-BMW-Audi looked to be on the safe side. Of course, not thundered in the first series, leaving Toyota with the polarizing hybrid drive like to pull out and laughed at for a long time any electric tendencies of Tesla and Co.. As a BMW at the end of the last decade, by the owner families Klatten / Quandt, and a courageous Board of management Chairman Norbert Reithofer to the i-family products of i3/i8 by rank, marveled, smiled, wondered, and the competitors from Ingolstadt and Stuttgart were offended. Jaguar and Land Rover? Worked on overdue improvements to the Range Rover and XJ, and pondered how one could revive the old two-by-four Defender.Jaguar to challenge BMW, Audi and Daimler

But the German leadership of the British manufacturer wanted to, regardless of the moderate sales success that BMW had achieved with his little i-the family, quickly on the train popping up. It was about fuel consumption of their Fleet, environmental, bonus points, new SUV trends, and a new Trend to alternative drive systems.

FOCUS Online has become In whisper mode counter-Lamborghini-Poser: i8 Roadster in the video test

Jaguar and Land Rover, now JLR, wanted not only an SUV with a Jaguar Logo on the bonnet, but also a real Image, and technology, winning by a automobile rapid. In a record time of less than four years from a fixed electrical idea of the Jaguar i-Pace. The was not only presented in November 2016 in Los Angeles with a virtual Innovation-and particularly the competition of Daimler, so that they had been duped, but as it turned out, at the latest, there, that anything other than electrical affinity for the British would bring in their luxury off-road vehicle with electric drive is significantly ahead of the German competition on the market.

Jaguar i-Pace: The fun-grenade from the UK

The Design of all innovative, and the performance data is consistently convincing. “I-PACE Concept is a radically new Definition of the topic of electric vehicle,” in November of 2016, Jaguar’s chief designer Ian Callum, “the study stands for the next Generation of electrically driven vehicles. A dramatic, forward-looking Design of the product from an authentic Jaguar DNA, beautiful Details and of British craftsmanship.“

The Jaguar i-Pace in the Video Test FOCUS Online Nonny, BMW, and Audi: This electric racer

294 kW / 400 HP, 696 Nm of maximum torque and 480 km range would you like to have the Jaguar i-Pace; further engine variants will follow. 200 km/h in the German highway a little over the top, but otherwise the electric-powered cat, produced at Magna Steyr in Graz is not to blame, a lot of. operation of the bit From a standing start in less than five seconds to pace and then from any pace of these violent Bursts – in the Performance-driving program, cheerfully accompanied by his synthetic turbine sound. For the appropriate model, the nearly 78,000 Euro expensive base package is barely enough for a solid i-Pace you have to pay over 90,000 Euro. This looks at the competition but not otherwise, and afterwards departs with a few months delay. Database, testing,, test drive: All-electric cars in Germany

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Mercedes EQC: The thickness Despondent SUV from Swabia

Mercedes introduced its EQ C with comparable performance data at the end of August a little inspired in Stockholm. The performance of the 2.4-tonne Mercedes EQ C ranks close to those of the Jaguar, weighing 2.4 tons, however, a good 200 kg more. Two electric motors on front and rear axles, 300 kW / 408 HP, which will be powered by a 650-kilogram 80-kW battery pack. Technically, the EQ C is a converted Mercedes GC, and sees him not only outside, but especially in the case of the interior design. The range in the new WLTO-cycle is to be 400 kilometers, while the maximum torque is 765 Nm.

FOCUS Online EQC: Mercedes Trailer shows a Tesla-fighter, the Stuttgart-based

While the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in a fleet 5.1 seconds is handled, is not the maximum speed with sparse to 180 km/h competitive for any nitro model. “The new EQC is a true Mercedes. This is especially true for classic virtues such as quality, safety, and comfort,” stresses the Daimler Board member for sales, Ola Källenius, “add to that the high driving dynamics thanks to two electric motors on front and rear axle with a combined 300 kW of power and an intelligent operating strategy for a sovereign-electric range.”

Audi e-tron: high-tech Juggernaut with the Power-loader

a Good two weeks after that, Audi in San Francisco average a little more committed, but as the third, the blue Band of the electric production SUV. A little later, presented the Audi E-tron Quattro, however the year already on the market. The performance data with 300 kW / 408 PS and 600 Nm on the level of competition and still even 200 km/h maximum speed of the Audi duped after all, the Mercedes EQ C. in Addition, he looks neutral for the majority of the customers a bit more pleasing than his star. As the EQ in C, the Audi E-Tron is an offshoot and has been extensively derived from the successful Audi Q5. Advantage: In contrast to the disheartened, EQC Audi invites you in with 150 kW.

FOCUS Online Bye-bye, Tesla? Audi electric SUV in the first Check in

space and packaging are similar to those of Mercedes. Reconstructing the cost of the Q5 an electrified E-tron, the Audi-those responsible were the two detached Development members of the management Board Ulrich Hackenberg (diesel affair) and Peter Mertens (for health reasons) with increasing time. Unlikely that to earn the two electric transition models of money. Tesla seems to be with its performance data more than ever.

BMW iX3: connection lost emergency power, it should direct

In the coming year, BMW is back with the hastily inserted iX3 a similar self-made model. Of the scheduled for 2021 iNext should be the first electric SUV-model, the Bavaria. But the fear of any driveway restrictions and an increasing demand for electric SUV in the car-booming China to let the development team on the development of the Board of management Klaus Fröhlich prior to this year’s Auto China in wind hurry a electric version of the best-selling X3 create. It is the Best thing that could put Munich on the Fast to the wheels and only goes to show that you could not keep the former projection with i3 and i8, or wanted to. BMW electric SUV: BMW iX3

The near-series concept study of a BMW Concept, the iX3 is powered by a 200-kW/272-HP electric motor to enable, thanks to a 70 kWh battery pack has a range of at least 400 kilometers. The energy storage has to be, as the competition on a newly developed charging unit and is designed for the connection of fast charging stations with up to 150 kW. The future production model of the electrically driven SAV has the technological base for the powertrain of the BMW iNext.

FOCUS Online In 3.4 seconds in the Diesel era is over

do not fall Because Jaguar has its i-Pace was already on the road and the two German rivals Audi and Mercedes with the E-tron and EQ C bring her two electric SUVs in the first half of 2019 to the customer, should be the hope carrier of the BMW iNext under the table. The BMW iNext will be a pure electric all-wheel drive SUV, whose batteries, like the other competitors are compactly installed in the ground and can travel in the stage 3 part autonomously on some roads. “The range will be 600 kilometers,” says BMW head of development Klaus Fröhlich, “but you have to wait and see. Electric mobility will only be a regional thing. We are proud of this car because it has all the shows, what we can do.“ Around 300 kilowatts of power and 200 km/h maximum speed should be set. Since the iNext was similar to the Jaguar i-Pace is designed as a pure electric car, the interior features more versatility and quality than it can offer Audi E-Tron and Mercedes EQ C, the use of the space to the relatives nitro models.

Tesla’s Model X: The serene hunted

electric-Trendsetter Tesla can watch the Bustle of the German carmaker, meanwhile, is relaxed, even if the Americans are able to look at the profitability of Audi, Daimler and BMW so far, just jealous. The Model X is long established, is the only power in the Segment with seven seats and drives the German rivals in terms of driving performance to the wall. However, only straight on: The heavy, extra-wide Model X has in terms of driving dynamics no Chance against the Jaguar i-Pace and in terms of processing, there is no Chance against Audi’s e-tron. Nevertheless, it is by far the most expensive model of the Premium SUV Stromer. For how long Tesla can still to his advantage to rest, remains to be seen. The race for the best and most innovative electric car is a real hare – and-hedgehog-game. Exciting is the question of who is at the end of the rabbit.

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