If a battery leak in an electronic device, may be unusable. Nevertheless, it is worth trying to clean the device. Who wants to remove the residues in the device, it should, however, be careful, recommends the German Federal environment Agency (UBA).

When Cleaning, so it’s best to wear gloves. Because the spilled substances can be corrosive or irritant to the skin and eyes. Potential health avert dangers, you should skin better and avoid contact with Eyes. This applies regardless of whether the residues are liquid or crystallized.

The battery compartment, chopsticks can be the consumer particularly well with a damp cotton or cloth to clean. If the contacts are corroded in the device, should it disappear, this grinding – up to the green crust and the metal shines.

electrolytes are water-soluble

usually electrolytes from the battery or the battery out of contact – these are the alkalis, or salts or acids. These residues get unintentionally on the clothes or skin, it helps to wash them thoroughly. Because the electrolytes are, according to the UBA soluble in water.

Who wants to protect his electrical equipment, should remove the batteries prior to prolonged storage, or use of pause, the experts recommend.

Old unwanted batteries and batteries do not belong in the household waste. You disposed of in the designated collection boxes that are in trade or municipal collection points.

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