With an evening opening ceremony of the futuristic transport Hyperloop on 10. December will be opened. “The first Tunnel is almost ready,” tweeted the entrepreneur and the Hyperloop-founder Elon Musk on Monday. The next day the transport to the General Public capsules for free test rides will be made available.

the Hyperloop is to move people, such as in the case of a tube in capsules by an almost empty tube from city to city, with speeds of more than 1200 kilometers an Hour.

Video: the technique of Hyper-loops

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Still works, the magnet achieves levitation train on the test track in Los Angeles, however, a maximum of 250 kilometres an hour. In the future, but should be more than 300 kilometres an hour possible. Musk presented his concept for the Zukunftszug in August 2013.

The technology billionaire, who also founded the car manufacturer Tesla and space company SpaceX,, however, is not the only one of the systems is working on a development of the Hyperloop -. Also, the British billionaire Richard Branson has done with his company Virgin Hyperloop One already Tests in the U.S. state of Nevada.

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critics doubt the feasibility of the Hyper loops, because it is unclear whether the vacuum tubes also can against terrorist attacks and earthquakes can be secured.

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