The billionaire Elon Musk founded the space company SpaceX seems to want to dismiss every tenth of its more than 6000 employees. The “Los Angeles Times” reported, citing an E-Mail to the Manager Gwynne Shotwell to the workforce. “This was a difficult but necessary decision,” wrote Shotwell. The Reuters news Agency also reported on a planned downsizing.

The company would not comment on the demand for the number of redundancies. It spoke only of a “leaner” organization, for the need to separate from a part of the workforce.


SpaceX intends to offer starting in 2023 flights to the moon. Also traveling to Mars would like to make a Musk. He also relies on lucrative contracts from the U.S. space Agency, Nasa, the U.S. military and satellite companies. Reusable components are designed to make space travel significantly cheaper.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos pushes at his private rocket company Blue Origin on the pace. Likewise, his British billionaire Mr Richard Branson is involved in the business with Amateur astronauts.


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