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The UK government controls in their plans for Notverbindungen across the English channel on new Chaos. On Monday it was announced: One of the shipping companies, the position of the Ferry after the EU had been commissioned by the Ministry of transport with the outlet, have never had a ship.

The Opposition speaks of a “new debacle”. The Ministry defended, however, the award of the contract.

The government had booked for the equivalent of around 120 million Euro ferries in order to limit, in the case of a disordered Brexits the Chaos at the port of Dover. With the additional ferry routes in the English channel, supply bottlenecks for the “important Goods should be avoided,” it said at the weekend from government circles. The contracts went to three companies from France, Denmark and the UK.

reported the BBC on Monday, received the British shipping company Seaborne Freight an order for the equivalent of more than 15 million euros – although she has never taken cargo ships.

in Addition, the port system in the South East of England Ramsgate, from where the shipping company ferries to Belgium wants to operate to be vessels to narrow for most of the modern trade. The port has not been operated since 2013 commercial.

“brings Nothing to the Brexit point better than this new debacle,” criticised the Labour MP Neil Coyle. The local politician Paul Messenger asked: “Why do we choose a company that has shipped in its entire history, never a single Truck?”

The Department for transport defended the decision. It was known that Seaborne was a “new provider”. The company will provide the agreed services. Seaborne announced that the port of Ramsgate to the EU exit by the end of March the operation to make ready.

The orders of the Ministry of transport of the three shipping companies will make it possible to bring almost 4,000 Trucks per week from the mainland to British ports. In particular, the busy port of Dover is to be relieved.

The British authorities are concerned with the re-introduction of border controls as a result of the Brexits an Overload of Dover, and giant traffic jams of trucks in the vicinity of the port.


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