The French President Emmanuel Macron has called on the Bundestag to form a new European sovereignty. The European Union challenges for which they had not been designed, he said in his speech to the national day of mourning in Berlin. After 18 years of a French head of state spoke with Macron back in front of the Bundestag.

Macron argued that the European Union with the necessary instruments for a greater ability to act on the EU level to equip. He spoke of a common European defense, a common household, also brought a European refugee office into the game. Further, the French President said, the Europeans would have to work in issues of climate protection and the digitization close together. For this it is necessary to overcome obstacles and Fears, for example, if it is going to share a stable currency is not only growing parts of the budget, but even taxes. There should be no prohibitions against Thinking about. “Each Generation has to contribute in their own way in Europe,” said Macron.

the President of France, spoke before the deputies of the Bundestag, Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Chancellor Angela Merkel. He said that Europe was not prepared for the challenges. “Today, we must find the courage to put together a new Chapter for Europe,” said Macron. “We owe it to those who have worked in the last 70 years to a peaceful Europe.”

abyss, or progress

the destination was a modern, efficient and democratic sovereignty. Europe must be able to continue to carry the responsibility. Central to these reforms within the European Union, the cooperation between France and Germany, Macron said. He implored the unwavering friendship between Germany and France. “Europe, and in the middle of the German-French Team, has the duty and the task to let the world into Chaos drift, and to bring them to a peaceful course,” he said.

Macron sees the world at a crossroads: Either she falls “into the abyss of boundless fascination for technology without a Conscience, nationalism, fanaticism, without values”. Or you come to your senses “on the exciting achievements of progress,” of which the whole of humanity should benefit. “We are not aware of the importance of the time we live in, yet completely aware of it.”

on the Occasion of the end of the First world war 100 years ago, Macron delivered the memorial speech in the Central remembrance ceremony for memorial day. In November every year, two Sundays before the first Advent, thought of the victims of the two world wars and of Nazism.

Merkel praises “great” speech,

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) called Macrons speech in the Bundestag as an impressive and great: “You said: We are at a crossroads. This is exactly what I feel.” Merkel called it “very symbolic” that she had been invited a week ago to commemorate the dead of the First world war to France. “And You’re in Germany today.” All this show the importance of the German-French friendship.

Angela Merkel and Macron want to try until mid-December, the EU partners a comprehensive set of reform proposals. You must now deliver, Merkel said. This is a common Budget for the Eurozone, imbalances better balance. Furthermore, the Euro should be a European monetary Fund crisis-proof. As a further point, which is, however, debatable, calling Merkel the debate about a digital tax for corporations.

The EU summit on 13. and 14. December are expected to be important directions for reforms. In addition, the final Details for the to 22. January planned new Elysée-be clarified in the contract for an even closer German-French cooperation.

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