The Integration of refugees in Germany runs to the view of the employers ‘ President Ingo Kramer was significantly more successful than anticipated. German Chancellor Angela Merkel have kept with your sentence “We are creating the” right, said the President of the Federal Association of German employers in the “Augsburger Allgemeine”.

“more than a Million people came, especially since 2015, according to Germany, have today, soon to 400,000 of education and training or the workplace,” said Kramer. “I’m surprised that it goes so fast.”

most of The young migrants could English after a year of lessons so well that they could follow the part-time vocational school the employer’s President. The vast majority of employed refugees work in employment subject to social security and is integrated with it. “Many migrants have become a mainstay of the German economy,” said Kramer. Most of the SMEs are still on the search for employees, and hoped the planned skilled workers-immigration law of the Grand coalition.

young people

integrated a few months Ago the Federal Agency for work (BA) had drawn up a positive balance sheet in the Integration of refugees on the German labour market. Accordingly, the number of social insured employees has increased within a year. Thus, the expectations of the BA were exceeded slightly.

Especially young people, are now integrated quite well. More than 30,000 young refugees have started according to the BA, a teaching. “We have always said that those who are traveling as children and young people have better prospects on the labour market”, was the chief of the Agency, Detlef Scheele, said in the summer.

Video: The Turbo-Integration – refugees in Porsche

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