The energy manager validates the flow meter presented before the judge, that evidence that Escal UGS has reduced the injections before they suggest to the Observatory of the Ebro

The minister of Ecology argues that no one appealed against the Assessment of Environmental Impact of project Castor

A platform uses the file of the complaint for alleged corruption in the project Castor

The company Enagas -main energy manager Spanish – has been recognized as their own the data from the flow meter that are in the possession of the investigating judge who investigates the possible causal relationship between the work of the project Castor and the more than half a thousand of micro-quakes that occurred off the coast of Vinaròs since September of 2013. These data, it is recalled, guarantee the performance of the company Escal UGS those days.

The director general of the Technical Management of the System, Enagas, Diego Sailing Llanes, went yesterday to the court number 4 of Vinaròs within a phase of training lasting three years. In his statement of the expert, the manager would have ratified the data of the flowmeter filed in the cause. This newspaper has already revealed that these data were contained in the report prepared by the engineers and geologists of Jesus Artieda, Enrique Hernandez and Eduardo Salete. The figures evidence that the concessionaire of the Project Castor had not only reduced the flow rate effectively but, in addition, this action was not in violation of any limitation or technical regulations, or violated any indication of the competent authorities.

So, according to the chart that work in the instruction and that already published in THE WORLD last November, shows how to Escal UGS reduced the flow rate from 8.00 hours of September 13, 2013, even before the Observatory of the Ebro (monitorizaba the plant), as suggested by past noon. That is to say, the company that operated the Beaver, according to these data, it would have taken measures to try to prevent environmental damage.

This meter, besides having been ratified yesterday by the director general of the Technical Management of the System, Enagas and appeared in the expert report of Artieda, Hernandez, and Salete, and this was considered “irrefutable” in the witness of the experts of the Geological Institute and Mining of Spain (IGME) in July of 2016.

it is worth remembering at this point that one of the main arguments that sustain the indictment against the management of the Beaver had to do with the company Escal UGS has not fulfilled the appropriate measures in terms of prevention and avoidance to an imminent threat of environmental damage, ignored -keeps the prosecution – the requirement of the Observatory of the Ebro. This argument, therefore, would be weakened with the ratification of the flow meter that mark the levels of injection in those days.

The same computer expert quoted above also noted “inconsistencies scientific” in the report of charges and before the trial judge explained that the injection energy was a thousand times lower than the liberated.”

According to the criteria of

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