Reports of the “Financial Times” and “TechCrunch” , WhatsApp has an abuse Problem with images and Videos of child. The daily newspaper, and the Tech-Portal protection organizations report of investigations of Israeli Children, that there is within the Facebook belonging to the Chat platform numerous chat groups, in which Material is distributed, the sexual abuse of children.

The access to the groups is through third-party Apps, the WhatsApp groups list sorted by category. On the left in these groups are designed to get new users, in turn, the accession to the groups. The Portfolio of such Apps, as well as groups with so-called adult content, including pornography, therefore, on a regular basis.

The Problem is, according to “TechCrunch” in the lean staffing of the Facebook subsidiary. Although moderators have due to the encryption of messages in WhatsApp no possibility of the contents of any chat groups. However, would clearly be able to on child abuse suggestive names such as “child porn xvideos” clear notes. Unlike Facebook, where alone, approximately 20,000 employees were involved in trying to control content, work in WhatsApp, therefore, is only 300 people.

searches of Israeli children protection organizations

the trigger for the investigations of the Israeli organizations “Screen Savers” and “Neteivei Reshet” were calls to the Hotlines, the report of the two organizations, the “TechCrunch” has been published. The caller reported, therefore, of WhatsApp chat groups, where Hardcore pornography has been widely used with children.

In the report of the two organisations, it means you might have researched then a week on WhatsApp, several groups observed, to gain some self-access. They had gathered some of the telephone numbers of interested users, on the other Screenshots of the groups offered content. Israeli law, following deliveries of the organisations, their research results of the Israeli police.

130.000 Accounts in 10 days

To WhatsApp, you forwarded your report and Screenshots. A spokesman for the company said: “TechCrunch”, you’ve locked am the last ten days, about 130,000 Accounts for violations of what apps guidelines.

In a statement issued by WhatsApp it is, in addition, to pursuing “a zero-tolerance policy on child abuse”, and use, among other things, artificial intelligence, to check profile pictures and images. In addition, you lock Accounts, the spread of such content. It says also: “Since both of the App Stores, as well as communication Apps abused to spread questionable content, you have to work for technology companies together to stop the further spread of such material.”

A response may WhatsApp, at least in theory and not in the sense expected of Apple to threaten, notes “TechCrunch”. The iPhone group had banished recently, the Tumblr App from its App Store for iOS devices after content on the platform had been spotted, the child abuse show. A reaction to Apple’s new allegations against WhatsApp.


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