Now it is official: beach volleyball Olympic champion Kira Walkenhorst finished their career. A report of the “Bild”newspaper, of Sunday, the 28-Year-old confirmed on Monday.

“I’d like nothing better, than with Laura and my great Team to continue where we have 2017 left off,” said Walkenhorst. “My body does not allow high-performance sport more. Anything other than Laura to find a partner that your goals can be reached, seemed to me to be unfair.” Walkenhorst suffers from persistent problems to the Ribs, the hip and the shoulder.

your previous partner, the 32-year-old Laura Ludwig, your career, according to the “Bild”newspaper and the sports information service on the side of Margareta Kozuch. An official announcement is to be made in the coming days. The former indoor national team player is currently a partner of Karla Borger.

Walkenhorst in talks with TV channels

“This decision is by far the hardest of my career. I had been looking forward all year to the reunion with Laura. To to your then just before the Start of the Olympic qualification, cancel, hits me hard,” said Walkenhorst.

Walkenhorst and Ludwig had won Gold at the Olympic summer games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 the world championship title in 2017 in Vienna. Walkenhorst underwent two operations. She wants to devote first to their family in October 2018 and brought your wife Maria to the birth of triplets.

Walkenhorst want to stay in the beach volleyball. “Currently, the first interviews with TV stations to run, and also the first sponsors, and long-standing partners have indicated to me already that you can imagine a co-operation very well,” said Walkenhorst.


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