In a wage dispute with the cash-in-transit drivers Union.di is a wage increase. As both sides reported, the patch collective agreement for a term of two years.

In the past few days had caused Strikes for excitement. Thousands of a total of around 12,000 employees in the industry involved in since Wednesday to the receivables. Ver.di warned of bottlenecks, for example, at ATMs. With the end of the day, the strike action would set, however, shared Ver.di.

An agreement was finally reached after 14 hours of negotiations in the night of Friday, told the Federal Association of German money and valuables services (BDGW). With the increases, the employer went “far beyond the threshold of pain,” said Harald Gideonstrumpet, managing Director of BDGW. In the interest of the customers, banks and consumers, however, been a swift end to the three-day warning Strikes aimed at.

the impact of The strikes on the cash supply of banks and trade, however, low, because they would have taken appropriate precautions. In the case of a continuation of the strike action of the trade had feared but they have their limitations.

According to the BDGW were agreed to increases of up to is 14.42 percent for the transportation and up to 17,15% for the processing in the Cash centers. Ver.di said it was a “great result” and blamed the high level of participation in the warning Strikes are responsible. The collective result is also a further step in the equalization of wages between the provinces.

The result is provisional and is subject to the consent of the parties to the collective agreement. Since the statements go far beyond the requirements of the BDGW member companies want to the employer Gideonstrumpet, at 21. February to vote in an extraordinary General meeting on the adoption of the collective result. Both sides agreed to a three-week period.


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