until 10. December 2019 Microsoft to release bug fixes and security updates for Windows 10 Mobile. After that, users of the 2015 introduced smartphone operating system.

Should be discovered after this date, new security gaps in the Software, one can assume, would be exposed to the devices, attacks defenseless. Given the puny market share, Netmarketshare estimates with 0.04 percent, is likely to be the probability to be low that will be of interest to some criminal Hacker. There are bigger and greater goals.

Microsoft had originally a lot of hope in its own mobile operating system – and a lot of money in its development invested. With Windows 10 Mobile, the US group in 2015, had replaced the equally hapless operating system Windows Phone 8.1.

almost exactly four years ago, on 22. In January 2015, Microsoft Executive Joe Belfiore showed off at a press conference an early Version of Windows 10 Mobile. The idea was obvious: Microsoft wanted to in the future develop a unified Windows 10 for PC, Tablet and Smartphone.


That should get developers benefit from a programmed App with minimal Changes on all three platforms were able to offer. For the users, this brought the advantage of this is that such Apps were used on all three platforms similar to and about Microsoft’s Cloud offering on a common set of data access.

set this system has not yet. Instead, Apple’s advance dashed through, for example, with iPhones, iPads and iMacs, which can exchange data seamlessly. About to start on a Mac, to write a Text, and finish it on his iPad or with the iPhone geknipstes photo without detour on Mac into a word document.

The best Windows jokes Submarine

What has Windows with U-boats have in common?

Hardly open a window, the problems start. Multitaskkkkkkkkkkk

What is the meaning of Multitasking in Windows?

Only one – to run several programs at the same time, crash. Finally Vista

computer customer: “I want to buy the new Windows.”

seller: “Oh, have you played the old Version?” window

What makes a Windows programmer, if his car is broken?

It closes all Windows. The Software-Religion

The Microsoft Motto: We build Software like cathedrals.

First we build them then we pray. Devil

If you leave a Windows CD backwards, you hear talk of Satan.

Even worse: When you installed you forward, you have Windows on the computer. the Clear market leader

Linux will never be the most installed operating system. Keep in mind just how often you have to re-install Windows! A typical message

you have moved the mouse pointer.

Please restart the System, and the change in view. One that only works in English

computer are like air conditioners.

They stop working properly when opening windows. bulb 95

How many Windows administrators it takes to change a lightbulb?

No. Windows declares darkness the Standard. bulb 98

How many Windows administrators it takes to change a lightbulb?

A. He then calls at Intel, because it is a hardware problem. bulb XP

How many Windows administrators it takes to change a lightbulb?


One to change the lightbulb.

A change to the wording so that there is no Linux-bulb fits into.

is a short-circuit automatic, the trigger, when someone is robbing an Apple-pear.

The fourth convinced the U.S. Department of justice, that is fair competition. bulb Vista

How many Windows administrators it takes to change a lightbulb?

100. A screwed. 99 the error messages to click away. Indians at the window

From which language Microsoft Windows comes””, and what it means?

This is the dialect of an old North American Indians and it means: White man staring through glass at hourglass. At first glance

How do you recognize a turned-off computer, the operating system installed in it is Windows?

The label of the Reset button is no longer readable. Hello, Hotline, help please

call to the Hotline: “I just install Windows Vista. What should I press?”

“The best two thumbs!” platform

Microsoft-and-laugh employees have a plates. One of them, a seller who suggests: “We call in the Central office, they send a new tire!”

A Manager: “Oh, my! We mend and hope that we come to the finish.”

A programmer: “no. We will drive to the rim more – maybe no one will notice it!” hurts

The CEO of IBM, the Apple CEO and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates in the sky. Peter says: “For every bug in your operating system, there is a needle!”

The CEO of IBM, before. Peter: “In line 1992671 a serious mistake. So a prick of a pin!”

The head of Apple. He gets 4 stitches.

After a short time, the two realize that Bill Gates is gone. “Where is he?”, ask Peter – “we put just under the sewing machine!” God of Gates

What is the difference between God and Bill Gates?

God is not for Bill Gates. This is the last!

There is no Windows jokes.

It’s all true!

New features for Windows 10 Mobile-Microsoft is no longer developed since 2017, the last major feature update was released in October 2017. About the same time, had Manager Belfiore announced the end of the development. This step was probably inevitable, because the market share had already fallen back to a modest 0.1 percent.

Similar to the announcement that the Support for Windows 7, 2019 expiration, it does not mean the end of Support for Windows 10 Mobile that equipped devices are set to the service. Rather, Microsoft has announced that existing Updates continue to make it available – if it should give someone who has a need for it.


the few who have held on until today, the hapless System, advises Microsoft to switch to competitors ‘ products: “After the expiration of the Support for the operating system, Windows 10 Mobile, we recommend that customers move to a supported Android or iOS device.”, it is in a FAQ at the end-of-Support.

The fits to the topic of dpa end of Support: From 2020, Windows 7 is dangerous

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