For the European flat oyster to give it a Comeback in the North sea. For it breeding on the island of Helgoland since 2017 oysters. In the coming years, the first animals to be located in the German North sea, said shell expert Rainer borcher thing – and in Offshore wind parks. “There, the oysters are protected from bottom trawling, and hope to make new benches.”

Other animal species, to make the wind farms to create. The construction noise sells, when new plants emerge, porpoises and other marine mammals. Birds can also be affected by the growing number of Offshore wind turbines, warn conservationists.

The Kind Ostrea edulis will, however, settled in the Netherlands again, with oysters from Norway, said Christof Goetze of the society for conservation of nature protection station in the Wadden sea. “If the work of resettlement, we can maybe meet in ten years’ time, the European flat oyster back in the Wadden sea more than a hundred years after your Disappearance due to Overfishing.”

collapse of the stocks

the shellfish mass from the North sea, In the middle ages, collected, mussel fishermen, as it is stated in a document from 1241. In the year 1870, there were oysters, the Naturschutzbund (Nabu) reports that around five million. Overfishing has led, however, that a hundred years ago to the collapse of the stocks, said borcher thing.

then, in the icy winters of 1929, the oysters in the Wadden sea froze, it went even further down. The species survived only on the rocky coasts of Western Europe and southern Norway as well as in the Danish Limfjord. When you try to make other oyster species, was introduced to in 1978, the California oyster disease Bonamia to Europe, what are the remaining stocks of native oysters, decimated more solid.

Today, the Pacific oyster is to be found in many Places in the North sea, the domestic species is however, for decades thought to be extinct and is on the Red list of endangered species. The Federal Agency for nature conservation and the Alfred-Wegner-Institute engage in the research project Restore for their resettlement.


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