Entrepreneurs pose ahead of a Zoom event of giving advice to new start-ups. From the right are UniqueUX CEO Che Jean-one, XbarX CEO Park Sang-jin, Soulmedi CEO Kim Tae-hyung, and Korea News Plus publisher Kim Tae-gyu.

Online business forum takes place

Entrepreneurs convened on Sept. 29 to offer advice to start-ups, the event that was co-hosted by J1 Business Center, Opus E&C, Officehub, Seongbuk Business Support Center, and Dongduk Women’s University.

A total of four entrepreneurs took part in the business forum, dubbed the Biz TalkTalk, which was watched by many start-up companies through Zoom.

They are UniqueUX CEO Che Jean-one, Soulmedi CEO Kim Tae-hyung, XbarX CEO Park Sang-jin, and Korea News Plus publisher Kim Tae-gyu.

A participant in the event said, “As a start-up founder, the advice from our predecessors was of great help. We hope that similar events will take place again down the road.”

The program of supporting one-man start-ups began midway through 2009 at 17 centers across the world. Thereafter, the number increased to 48.

The centers offer office, training, and technical supports so that new entrepreneurs will be able to easily start their businesses.

A J1 Business Center representative said, “We offer various types of offices. And on the back of over 10 years of experience, we provide technical support and mentoring services.”

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