After the EU decided this week to ban cotton swabs, plastic plates, straws, and so on, there was in this country to be part of the amazing reactions. You could get the impression that plastic cups are a Central component of national identity. Some raved about it seriously from the feel of plastic cotton swabs. The citizens of the EU would be harassed””, one could read, for example, in the case of Twitter.

The Central Argument of the opponents of the plastic ban is not, however, that plastic feels so great, but a different one-The others are much worse. Why now, of all things, we. The Chinese are supposed to but only once. Or the Indians.

We are a plastic waste-to-Vice world champion

in fact, the majority of the plastic, the trashy today, the oceans of the world, rather from China, Indonesia, India and Vietnam. Also, some African countries are the worst, Brazil. Germany is on the Vermüller rank list is very far behind. This is mainly due to the fact that other countries dumping their waste on open landfills, or somewhere in the countryside. Then the Wind and the rivers carry it into the sea. In addition, the ship travel plays a big role.

In the production of plastic waste per capita, but Germany is a tip: Only in Guyana is more plastic per capita is thrown away. For us, it is a half a kilogram per Person and day. However, this means that The rich Germany is for the products that you will need in the future to replace all the plastic cups and cotton swabs, a top of the market. Like these products then maybe people in other countries. You can change the world by creating, with the regulation of new markets.

Spare my house, zünd’ andre

It is the other “attitude is for the in this country, so widespread,”to the beautiful English expression of Nimbyism. Nimby stands for not in my backyard, not in my backyard. In the UK, the term has become even a social category: don’t Be a Nimby.

The term has existed since the early eighties and originally referred mostly to specific, locally-planned facilities, the people, while in favour, but wide, power poles are not in view, for example, wind turbines, shelters for the homeless or asylum seekers. The German equivalent is the St. Florian’s principle: “Spare my house, zünd’ andre”. In the German-speaking literature, also the beautiful official term “self-progression blockers” emerges.

infrasound and cell phone radiation

There are in the social Sciences, a lively debate about the meaning and the selectivity of the concept. Undoubtedly, there is something to the accusation that you can dismiss with the term Nimby as a dirty word often, any criticism is unjustified and selfish.

but at the same time, the concept of a swarm is surrounded on interesting cognitive biases: to to To not unfounded, selfish, feel, because that causes cognitive dissonance, produced a new justification for the Not-to-want. A good example is health damaging infra-sound emanating allegedly from wind turbines is supposedly. According to current research, the wind turbine generated infrasound is just as harmful as “mobile phone radiation”. Infrasound is also “a common and everywhere to be found an integral part of our environment. Wind turbines make no significant contribution”.

But it makes “us sick with your wind turbines,” is – also – a better Argument than “I don’t like it, go build it somewhere else”. The same is true for the fear of electromagnetic radiation of a justified rejection of new power lines. But such invented invisible threats in the case of those who believe in you, a lot of emotionality. You will be able to read soon in the Forum under this column.

The world is our backyard

I believe that the concept of Nimbyism wins in the current global Situation even relevance, you have to expand it, but The backyard is in a globalized world a little bit bigger. Climate change is not interested in garden fences.

for years the largest, most powerful and most ruthless Nimby in Germany is the automotive industry. When the world had reached, in Katowice, finally, at least something more binding targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions, complained of the lobby Association, the VDA, in fact, by new limits, the “European automotive industry would be strong in international competition”.

don’t Be a Nimby, be a Nomp

It is worth to read the press release of the VDA once, it is a shocking document of the institutional Nimbyism. It is, for example, there are effective incentives for innovation are missing,””. Seriously? Peter Altmaier, the industry jumped as a kind of auxiliary Nimby. The arguments are always: This is all very difficult. And expensive. When it comes to cars, seems to think it is suddenly not even the Federal government is the fact that you can create with the regulation of new markets.

dear representatives of the automotive industry: Not least of all by your decades-long inability to find solutions for the known of your products generated problems, coupled with a remarkable criminal energy, we are now in this Situation. The people in the Seychelles, the Solomon Islands and all other Islands and coastal strip, which will soon disappear, it doesn’t matter that you are concerned that this stupid climate protection “at risk jobs”.

Even your own children, by the way, pretty much no matter, because the may have to live in a world that has to offer, no coral reefs, but millions of climate migration, Monster storms, droughts, huge fires, crop failures and so on. I think these are actually quite good “incentives for innovation”.

I have a proposal: let us Be in the future, no Nimbys.

Let us Nomps: not on my planet .

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.